When Do You Need Air Conditioning New Orleans Service?


Most people think that ACs only need servicing when they believe it is faulty. But, you should know that in taking care of your air conditioning unit, a little regular maintenance goes a long way. Some of the upkeep, like cleaning out the filters or clearing debris from the outside, you can do yourself. However, most routine maintenance and tune-up need the experts’ help at the Air Conditioning New Orleans.

  • Cleaning Or Replacing Filters

Your AC’s filters need cleaning every two weeks or once a month at the least. Depending on the environment or how frequently you use your air conditioner, dirt can accumulate and prevent cold air from flowing out.

Most of the time, cleaning the filters fixes the problem with airflow. If not, you can call the expert to check if it needs replacement, servicing, or repairs. Filters need the most attention and care to make sure that your unit is working correctly.

  • Unclogging Condenser And Evaporator Coils

The condenser and evaporator coils require servicing once every year. Some of the dirt can go through and get trapped within the AC’s coils. When this happens, the system can overheat. The build-up of excess dirt knocks down your air conditioning unit’s efficiency. Moreover, it can cause expensive damage to its other parts.

  • Fixing The AC’s Coil Fins

Your cooling system’s coils have fins made from aluminum surrounding it. These fins are very delicate and can easily break. When it does get damaged or deformed, it can block the airflow. Your technician can help you fix them during regular maintenance. You can only trust experts to keep or restore the fins in its initial state to prevent your AC problems.

  • Preventing Compressors From Overheating

Regular maintenance can help prevent issues from developing or causing trouble with your air conditioning unit. There are many causes of overheating compressors, like faulty condenser fans, clogged coils, or electrical problems. But you should know that it is mostly preventable when you ensure your AC receives routine cleanup, maintenance, and services from an expert.


Besides annual servicing, some parts of your AC units need regular maintenance to keep it running in good shape. This guide should help you discover when you should call the ac repair New Orleans Louisiana experts to conduct routine maintenance and service on your system. These steps should keep your unit working efficiently for many years to come. Only the professionals can ensure that your cooling system is in good hands.