Search Funnels: How Are They Useful?


The majority of business-to-business search marketers allot time to analyze conversion data in their pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, adjusting budgets and bids for adequate funding of the top converting keywords based on user cookies. Although this approach is logical, there is a much efficient way that you must know which is using searchfunnels.

What Is Search Funnel?

Searchfunnels is one of savvy B2B marketers’ way to look outside of the “conversion box” while understanding their prospect’s search methods and campaign optimization based on ROI. It provides comprehensive insights into the customer (searcher) behavior over time as it records keywords, ad groups, and campaigns to assist in producing conversion.

Benefits of Search Funnels

If used correctly, searchfunnel reports can give you lots of information to help you with effective bidding and budgeting, grow your overall ROI, and even outsmart your company’s competition. Here are some benefits of using searchfunnels for your business.

Understand Customer Behavior

If you are offering complex products and services with high-consideration, you must analyze your prospects and customers’ searches. Most business buyers incline themselves in research, comparison, and buying methods.

Several Reporting Options

There are various ways to view PPC conversion data and the activity of the searcher associated with it. If you are new to searchfunnels, you can start reviewing these three crucial reports.

  • Path Length
  • Time Lag
  • Assisted Conversions

Records Average Prospect Clicks Before Conversion

Have you ever wondered how many clicks will it take for your potential customer to convert online? One thing for sure, new searchers may not be ready to register and proceed right away the first time they click on one of your PPC ads. With searchfunnels, you can find out the average prospect clicks before they are willing to “convert” and complete the online purchase form.

Entails Time Needed To Convert

Searchfunnels also records how long your prospect takes to convert online. When deciding for high-consideration businesses, conversion usually comprises multiple clicks or impressions. It may also take a long while to persuade a searcher (customer) to convert and complete the online purchase form.

Analyzes Prospects’ Typical Search Process

If your prospect needs multiple PPC impressions and clicks or a long time to convert to your desired online action, you need to know their search processes before finally completing the online form. Searchfunnels allow you to comprehend your customers’ pre-conversion search process to fund the necessary keywords to lead them to conversions.


During the pandemic, people have a lot of time to surf online and see your company’s PPC ads. Take this opportunity to boost your business’ reach using searchfunnels and fund the conversion keywords. Start focusing on overall ROI, and not merely on immediate (last click) conversions.