How To Find The Best Plumbers Seattle

A plumber should be the first person to come to your mind whenever faced with a plumbing emergency. This is because plumbers are trained for the job and have the required tools and experience needed to prevent a disaster from happening. Trying to fix most plumbing issues yourself, such as a clogged or leaking sewer, only increases the risk of making the situation worse. That said, finding the best plumbers Seattle should be your top priority. With the market already bloated with ‘plumber,’ identifying the best one for the job can be a little intimidating. Here are a few tips for finding the right plumber.

1. Licensing And Insurance

While the law requires all plumbers to be certified and licensed to operate within Seattle, not everyone posing as one is actually licensed. Some may have had their licenses revoked or just con-artists. That said, it would be advisable only to consider hiring plumbers that can show proof of licensing. The plumber should also have proper insurance on him as well. This should protect you from any liabilities, and especially should the worst happen.

2. Experience

While an inexperienced plumber might be able to handle the smallest of plumbing issues, there are instances where only an experienced plumber can/should be entrusted with a job. Although this will depend on the nature of the job, experts recommend hiring a plumber with at least 3 years’ worth of experience in the field. Only an experienced plumber knows and understands what should be done, especially in delicate situations.

3. Service Warranty

Some of the best plumbers Seattle do not hesitate to offer a guarantee for their services. This is not only based on their experience but also because they know what is required of them. You thus want to ask all prospective candidates if they do offer a warranty and how long the warranty period will be. The plumber should also understand the manufacturer’s warranty when installing anything in your house.

4. References

A respected and good plumber should be able to show examples of their work. Ask the candidates for references from their past projects, then call one or two of them to confirm the story. It would also be best to check customer reviews and ratings on the plumber’s website as well. Doing so could save you lots of frustration and money in the long run. While finding a good plumber isn’t always an easy task, you shouldn’t hire a quack either. At least do some due diligence on the plumber before making the final decision.