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Security Options for Your Home Windows

Home break-ins are unfortunate events that we never want to wish to happen to our families and friends. Good thing there are technological innovations that continue to improve how security companies in Arizona approach these types of precautions. One thing you should check is the windows of your home. Here are some security tools you can apply to your windows so that your homes will feel safer.


1. Sensors for Glass Breaks

When looking for a home security system, you should request that glass break sensors should be included in the package. These sensors will react both you and your security service provider that glass has been broken and your safety is at risk. This is one of the most common ways that intruders choose to enter homes, so this is a must-include to your list.


2. Outdoor Security Cameras

Many people place security cameras around their house’s compound but tend to leave one or two focused on the windows. Take note of installing them near large windows, especially if you have windows that a human can fit into. You should also consider putting the cameras in any floor-to-ceiling windows, garage windows, and windows beside doors.


3. Motion Sensitive Lights

Having motion-triggered lights can immediately spook out a potential home intruder. You should conveniently place them near doors and windows, as well as other high-risk areas in your home. Make sure to purchase long-range lights so that the scope can be more extensive. Motion lights can partner with outdoor cameras to capture footage even more effectively.


4. Motion Sensors

Unlike motion-triggered lights, the sensors only send alerts to you and your security company every time a questionable trigger occurs. These sensors are best placed in your house’s high-risk windows like your children’s room. 


Which Windows Should You Secure?


1. Upstairs Windows

Though located high up, if they are easy to climb, intruders can still go through them. These windows are actually known to pose the highest risk as this is a standard route for burglars and other criminals.


2. First Floor Windows

These windows are relatively easy to get to, especially if the homeowners opted for larger ones. Consider having these windows glass protected aside from installing security tools.


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