Online Summer Camps

Why Online Summer Camps Are Becoming So Popular

After months of ‘shelter in place’ restrictions due to the pandemic, many parents were looking forward to letting their kids enjoy the outdoor experiences that are part and parcel of summer camp. However, others are reluctant to let their kids mingle freely in an environment where the discipline required to wear a mask (and that isn’t going away anytime soon) is not enforced. What kid will want the summer camp experience when they can’t see the smiles of fellow campers? That aside from the health risks.


Although some states are allowing summer camps, there will be limitations on numbers and activities, and temperatures will be taken, and there will be a whole host of other restrictions. Some parents might be OK with this – many are not.


Online summer camps are becoming more and more popular for this reason.


But do they deliver on that real summer camp experience? In short, the answer is no – but it’s a qualified no. Some kids will love the experience of interacting with others in the virtual environment – and they will still be socializing – albeit in an online setting.


The great news is that there are a vast number of different camps being offered online, from those with a Broadway theme to those that emphasize nature education and even soccer camps – so parents (and kids) will be spoiled for choice when it comes to the type of camp that would be best suited to their individual needs.


There is also the fact that many of the organizers are offering exceptional deals.


There are also benefits like exposing the child to a structured plan of activities and teaching them new skills.


The fact of the matter is that we live in a world that (at least currently) operates according to new rules. It is up to parents to decide how they enrich their children’s lives during these dark days of the pandemic – online summer camps might be the solution for many caregivers and children.…