5 Best Sales Automation Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been known to be the turning point of improving and upgrading the Industrial Revolution, and with AI comes sales automation. It gathers enormous amounts of data to offer productivity to sales teams and take that one step ahead of competitors. Here are the top apps associated with sales automation.


Outreach provides efficiency in sales teams leading to success. With various solutions offered, it aims to entice more meetings and deals, and eventually, each representative’s productivity. The number of workflows and reporting governance at hand is designed to handle large organizations. With the guide of Outreach, you can organize groups that mimic and partake your team’s structure. Outreach has been known to be the “best product on the market,” according to Domo, Incorporated’s product strategy director, Adam Chavez.


Salesforce was among the first sales automation tools to be released with refined system performance and assured security. Plenty of companies have been trying to copy Salesforce with minimal changes, but they could never get the core feature set right. With everything done correctly in terms of customer relationship management (CRM), it also entails an app that engages in sales automation – known as Pardot – that ensures accurate customer data gathering.


Similar to Outreach, Groove is also a sales engagement platform designed for teams that focus on customer relationship management. It bumps up and improves sales campaigns, calendar composition, and lead scopes. Not only that, Groove basically creates a bridge for Salesforce and your tools that enhances convenience and flattens out the inaccurate data that may become a barricade if you plan on importing data from various systems.


HubSpot is known for building a fully computerized e-commerce system. It gives you full freedom and independence to create automated sales processes out of your ideas to reflect the presence of your business. Along with its user-friendly features, it also provides an entirely free service tier! Its simple and organized UI is so alluring to look at that you’ll find the ease of using it on your mobile.


Hatchbuck is another sales automation platform that is built explicitly for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The system contains quick-to-use tools that convert gathered data to leads and potentially increases ROI. The C-Suite Advisors’ managing director and founder, Nancy Chorpenning, also mentioned that “Hatchbuck’s customer service is top drawer.”

As the year progresses, so does high-quality technology, making artificial intelligence more impactful in the business industry. Choose the appropriate sales automation now and get your company running at its full capacity.