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Things to Consider for a Teen’s First Car

Learning how to drive is one of a person’s significant milestones. Adults may treat driving as a chore, but teenagers are still so much eager to get behind the wheel. It is a rewarding feeling to let them learn driving, for it is another way to make them feel independence and responsibility.


As a parent or guardian, you need to be very careful, especially in choosing the first car they will be able to drive. Should you buy something brand new or should you go for used cars for sale? Here are a few things to ponder on before buying your teen their first vehicle.


Why Your Teen’s First Should be Secondhand

  1. Studies show that amateur drivers have higher chances of crashing or damaging cars.
  2. Buying a brand-new ride may mindset your kid into thinking that driving is an entitlement and not a privilege that only a few get to have.
  3. It is better to allow your young adult to master their driving skills and maintain a clean driving record with a used car.


Let the Numbers Talk

  1. Teenagers are 10 times more likely to get into a vehicular accident on the first twelve months of driving.
  2. 20% of 17-year-olds are reported to get into a car crash on the first few months after getting their license.
  3. 25% of 15-year-olds get into car crashes as passengers within their teenage years.
  4. A teenage driver with teenage passengers is twice as likely to be in an accident as drunk drivers.
  5. In the US, one in every four car accident deaths involves someone who is between 16 to 24 years old.


How to Choose a Used Car

  1. Stray from choosing sporty cars as their looks and qualities inspire their teen drivers to test their speed limits.
  2. Vehicles with more chances to roll over, like SUVs or pick up trucks, are not recommended as well.
  3. Go for mid-size and full-size cars are the best choice. You can pick later models for more safety and security features.
  4. Choose vehicles with side and curtain airbags for extra protection.


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