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5 Common USA Visa Myths Debunked

For many, having a USA visa is like a dream. It may be a grueling process, and having some misconceptions can turn it into a nightmare. You don’t have to worry, for here are some common myths debunked to help you answer your questions and have a smooth application process. 

Visa Limitation Given Out per Period

One of the most common misconception when applying for a USA Visa is that there is a limit of Visas given out per year. Well, the truth is that, if you are applying for a non-immigrant or tourist visa, then there’s no limit given. There’s a limitation, though if you are applying for an immigrant visa. 

One Must Need to Travel 6 Months before the Visa Grant

Another misconception is that you should travel six months before granting you your visa. It is completely false. Visa has an expiry date, and you are free to use it before your visa expires, unless, the US immigration authorities for some reasons canceled or revoked. 

A Letter from The Senate or Congressman Could Help You Get a Visa if Your Application Got Denied Previously

If you think that knowing people in high places can help you in getting that visa, then you are wrong. Issuance and refusal of visas are, as per the US Law, is the responsibility of the consular authorities overseas and are the only one who has an ultimate say on all visa applications. If you want to have an impact on reversing the decision, then a presentation of strong links will do, as additional evidence to convince the consulate. 

Visa Will Be Rejected for the Parents if All Children are in the US

Deemed to be a valid concern for the US Consul, however, there are other criteria for your visa application to be denied. You will get that visa as long as all the conditions match a severe case. 

Visitor Visa Will Not Be Granted if Any Child Is A US Citizen

Another fallacy. If your case is seen to be genuine, that validates and proves that the purpose is for temporary travel and not to stay permanently in the country, then the authorities will grant you a visa. 

Last Word of Advice

Applying for a USA Visa can be stress-free and straightforward, as long as you follow the process and stick to the legalities. It will be best if you ask questions to those who are authorized to ease your worries. You can check to help you with your application.