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3 Reasons Pest Control Is Essential In Winter

Many homeowners don’t think that pest control Gilbert is not necessary for winter because they assumed pests are dormant. Unfortunately, rodents, bugs, and insects are still around. Here’s why you shouldn’t forget about pest control during the cold season.

Best Time To Seal The Home

A tiny crack or a loose mesh screen is enough for rodents and bugs to get inside the warmth and shelter of your home. They then have free rein to gnaw on the wood beams, insulation, and electrical wires. You can easily prevent this by having a professional pest control team to seal all openings before these pests make their way inside. These experts will check areas where pipes come in to look for holes and vents. They will also check the attic, basement, and crawl spaces and install screens in windows and chimneys.  

Insects Won’t Remain Dormant

A lot of insects will start hiding in attics and basements as the temperature begins to drop. Asian ladybugs, boxelder bugs, cluster flies, and spiders will start to hide late fall and early winter. But once the weather becomes warmer, they leave their hiding spots and head to your living areas.

While some insects might remain dormant, a more significant number can still thrive indoors. Carpenter ants, cockroaches, silverfish, and termites live inside your walls and floors and are not affected by winter. Fortunately, pest control experts have preventive treatments; and they can apply these to those areas to repel them.

Stop Pests From Returning

Invasive pests like spiders and wasps head indoors for survival before emerging in substantial numbers in spring. Get ahead of this problem by having a reliable pest control company to remove spider webs, egg cases, and nests during the cold season. It will help prevent these creatures from reemerging once it starts getting warmer. Many insects return to specific places, like their old nests. Removing them early on will increase the chances that they will never come back to your home.

Pest control Gilbert is something that should be considered all year round. Foregoing the service just because it’s winter will only give these insects and rodents a chance to regroup. Make sure all your efforts to keep them out is not wasted by asking for professional help in securing your home this winter.