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5 Ways to Check for Signs of Termites

One of the biggest pest problems are termites, which are known to invade around 600,000 homes per year in the US. As a homeowner, you want to know if termites are infesting your homes to avoid damages and repair. Not to worry, here are seven signs that you can check to help further harm upon your house.


Swarms usually dwell in spring. These swarming termites leave the colony to start their nests and tend to collect around doors or windowsills. Though hard to differentiate between winged ants, termites back and front wings are of the same length, with pinched waists and full uniformed body.

Though they disperse quickly, it doesn’t mean that you are safe, for they usually have their colony nearby. You can always look for pest control Chesapeake VA to help you destroy their nests properly.

Wood, Drywall, and Flooring Damage

If your wood crumbles, your hardwood flooring buckles then it means that termites are already feasting on it. The same goes for drywall if they are discolored, sagging, or dotted with holes. Here’s what you can do to check:

  • Check for loose tiles in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Knock on your wooden walls and find out if it’s hollow
  • Test your floorboards for squeaks, and if it does, then find pest control in Chesapeake VA to seek professional help.

Termite Shelter Tubes

The shelter tubes are structures made of soil that looks like ropes. They arise from the ground along the walls or can be hanging from the ceiling and about a width of a pencil in size. Once you see this, it only means that your already housing termites.

If you find a shelter tube, you can cautiously remove the middle part and leave the two ends uninterrupted, and if you see a repaired pipes after a few days, then you have active termites.

Termite Debris

If you see a pile of shed wings, it is evidence that there are termites in your home. It will look like fish scales. On the other hand, spotting excrement is harder compared to these wings, but it somehow looks like finely ground pepper or spilled salt.

Book Damage

Termites are after a plant-based substance known as cellulose, which is abundant in cardboard, wood, and paper. Take a look at your shelves for any damaged books, and if there is one, then it is evident that there’s termite activity. Aside from books, termites are also fascinated with magazines, newspapers, and letters.

Termites are no joke; it will cost you a fortune to repair damages caused by these pests. If you notice any of these, you can call professional help by going to and live a pest-free life.