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4 Back-to-School Tips for Incoming Montessori Students and Parents

According to Maria Montessori, “The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say,’ The children are now working as if I did not exist.” This teaching approach is providing independence and guidance at the same time to your children. If you are a nervous parent sending your child for the first time to a Montessori Jacksonville, FL or other cities, here are a few knowledge bits that might help you prepare.


  1. Encourage Your Child to be More Self-Reliant

Children can learn so much when given a chance to do things on their own. It is better to let them do things on their own rather than doing all things for them. Start with simple tasks and providing all the instructions. Look over their shoulder to make sure they are safe but allow them to use their style to accomplish the job.


  1. Avoid Providing Distractions and Teach Focus

Some parents are unaware of how harmful screen-time dependence are for their child’s development. When assigning them little activities, distractions like music, television and other electronic gadgets will divert their attention and hinder their concentration. This one hurts a bit, but you must limit parental disturbances. Should you have additional input, comments, or corrections on how they are completing their task, mention it after your child finishes their work.


  1. Maximize Reading and Talking Time

Teach your child to enjoy and appreciate books. Trips to the bookstore or the library and story telling time are some great bonding activities to enjoy with your child. Make reading games or reading songs to improve the total experience. Here is where talking to them comes in. Familiarize them with a wide range of words to advance their vocabulary. Question and answer activities would be perfect, too.


  1. Teach Your Kids to Organize

Even at a young age, discipline on time and respect of space are essential values to instill on your children. Simple chores like cleaning up toys, books, and school supplies can teach them orderliness and even familiarize them on colors and shapes. Having them work on a strict schedule will also hone discipline on punctuality and having routines will be great development boosters.


Choose a School with Your Best Interest in Mind

The River Oak Academy for the Natural Curious is the best Montessori in Jacksonville, FL that only envisions children learning in a welcoming and engaging environment. With various programs and an integrated interdisciplinary curriculum, your child will have exposure to an amazing and fun learning experience.