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4 Lessons to Learn from Entrepreneurs Jessica & Jef Samis

Former network marketers and husband and wife Jessica and Jef Samis eventually decided that they are tired of marketing other people’s products, being distributors who are controlled by following somebody else’s system. Now they are earning a six-figure income through their Digital Marketing and Lead Generation company, The Profit League.


Here are some bits of advice from the lovely couple for current and future business owners:


Hang Around 8s, 9s or 10s

No one perfect and instantly knowledgeable after deciding to venture into business. Find your mentors, subject matter experts, and people to draw inspiration from. It does not have to be a person near you. You can choose from books, films, audios, videos, personalities or communities. Pick up anything you can learn from them. Choose little things that can improve you and eventually, you will mirror them.


Use Deadlines

Just because you are an entrepreneur and usually home-based does not mean that you will laze around and work only when needed. “There’s a reason the day before Christmas is one of the busiest shopping days of the year.”, Jef Samis says. “Humans procrastinate. And the deadline that is December 25th demands last-minute action.” Waiting until the last minute will do no good for your business and might just lead you to failure.


Delay Gratification

Again, another weakness of being your own boss. Some entrepreneurs want the easy life right away. Mindless pleasures like checking your phone immediately after waking up and spending unnecessary minutes scrolling, or buying the newest iPhone at the day of release even though you have a properly working phone. This is not about not having fun. This is about having discipline and focusing on the main goal: success. You will have more time on what’s really important and who’s really important.


Broke, But Not Broken

“It takes money to make money” is one big lie. What do you need? Grit, creativity, and a whole lot of courage. One thing that you should never allow is to absorb the mentality of being broke forever. According to Jef Samis, “Do the work you were meant to do, the way you’re inspired to do it, and never cower to criticism. ┬áIf anything, it’s a symptom of success.”


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