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Top Wines to Try in Canada

When thinking about the place that produces the planet’s finest wines, countries like France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain are the usual ones that would pop up on your mind. Canada may not have the same stature and history those countries have, but this big fat island has its own collection of exceptional varieties of wine. Here, we have collected a few of the best wines you shouldn’t miss trying in Canada.

Inniskillin Gold Vidal Icewine

Sweet, stylish and seductive – this icewine is brimmed with aromatics of peach, apricot, and pineapple. This classic from Ontario is famous for its richness and utilization of new French oak for its fermentation and maturation procedures. You can never go wrong tasting wine made by Canada’s largest icewine maker and exporter.

Quails’ Gate The Boswell Syrah

An astonishingly complex and strongly flavored wine, the Boswell Syrah is packed with the tang of ripe black berried fruits, jasmine, white pepper, and clove. The wine goes down smoothly and rich, accompanied by a savory flavor of refined tannin that leaves a seductive finish. You can pair it with grilled braises, red meat, or aged hard cheeses.

Henry of Pelham Baco Noir VQA Ontario

Lush and velvety, this dark-purple wine but with an opaque middle has a distinct savor from crushed black cherries, plum with a touch of powdery chalk. It goes down smoothly along with a rich mouthfeel of black forest fruits. The finish is short, but the brittle freshness of wild fruit will entice you for more sips. It’s delicious with chips or poutine for a stick-to-the-ribs and hearty meal.

Burrowing Owl Estate Winery Cabernet Sauvignon

Driven and intense, this wine is made with polished tannins and acidity for prolonged aging. It has an enticing aroma coming from tobacco, cassis, sage, blueberry, mulberry, and mixed baking spices. Its taste is excellently brimmed with the relish of espresso, vanilla, caramel and toasty oak which blends immensely well with black cherry, blackberry, and dried plum fruit. The finish is prolonged and packed with freshness brought by the crisp acidity.

If you are a wine lover looking to deviate from the traditional ones, secure that eta Canada or visa quickly and fly straight to Canada. Then, taste and savor the listed wines, and satisfy your palate with what the country has to offer.