ESTA – Questions To Expect In your Application

Once you have decided to travel to the U.S. under ESTA, the next step is to process your online application.  In this article, we will be covering the questions in your application form. 

Basic Information 

You will provide necessary personal information (like your complete name, gender, contact number, ID number, email address), passport information, employment details, address and contact information in the U.S., and your emergency contact details. Since there are fees to be paid, be ready with your credit card information. If you are traveling as a group, each individual must fill up their information.  Infant information should be filled up by parents or guardians.

Security Questions 

There will be security questions that you should know.

(1) You will be asked about your mental and physical health, if you have drug-related problems, and if you are suffering from contagious diseases.  These diseases could be tuberculosis or other transmittable diseases, whether acquired sexually or not. As a guideline, if your health condition impacts public health, then it is a serious concern.

(2) If you have been arrested or convicted of a heinous crime, you need to admit this in the application honestly. If the offense resulted in damage to property or severe harm to people or government authority, you should mention this. 

(3) There will be specific questions about violations of the law due to drug use, possession, or distribution.

Correcting Mistakes In The Data  

Complete all mandatory information. It is crucial to cross-check that all data is correct, especially before completing the online payment process. Before payment, all information can still be changed, excluding the passport number and passport issuing country.  However, if you need to change these two fields, raise a new ESTA application. After the payment of fees, you could only update your email address and your address in the U.S. You will be allowed to review all the information to ensure that everything is 100% correct before submitting your application.Otherwise, you will need to fill up another form and pay additional fees.


Applying for ESTA is a very straightforward process.  You will be informed in less than 72 hours if the U.S. Customs and Border Protection has approved your request.