Dentist In Simpsonville SC

How You Know If You Need a Dentist In Simpsonville SC


For a lot of people, the idea of visiting a dentist isn’t a priority. A survey conducted found that up to forty-two percent of Americans claim not to see a dentist as often as needed. That is, until a nagging symptom reminds you it’s time to stop putting it off and finally make that appointment.

You may be tempted to ignore dental matters that appear minor by giving the excuse that your timetable is busy. However, the cautionary signs we’ll list below shouldn’t be trifled with. If you’ve been wondering if you need a dentist in Simpsonville SC, then read this article to know what tell-tale signs to look out for. This is particularly true if you’re dealing with an incessant condition, detrimental to your health.

Connection Between Oral Health and Overall Health

Certain health conditions necessitate taking greater care of your dental health than the ordinary person. By catching these symptoms off the bat, you’ll spare yourself valuable time and cash.

Most people know about the mind-body connection, but how about the oral-body connection? Conditions that affect your physical well-being impact your oral health, just as much as what happens in your mouth impacts your whole body.

  • Diabetes and Gum Infections

Gum problems can heighten blood glucose levels, so individuals with gum infections are more susceptible to diabetes than healthier individuals. Alternatively, diabetics need to know that gum infections make glucose fluctuations harder to control and heighten the possibility of complications.

  • Heart Problems and Oral Health

Individuals with gum problems are at a greater danger of coronary diseases. Poor oral care likewise aggravates existing coronary conditions ― which is the reason some patients take antibiotics before dental surgeries.

  • Pregnancy and Dental Health

Expecting mommies with gum problems are bound to encounter premature labor compared to healthier women. Fortunately, pregnant ladies who have strict oral care help protect their unborn children from cavity-causing microscopic organisms.

Signs You Should Visit a Dentist

Most people are aware of the bi-annual dentist appointments recommended for simple oral care and cleaning procedures. These yearly visits help your dental specialist keep your teeth in perfect health, treat, or forestall oral problems. 

Prevention is better than cure. So it’s easier to screen for or treat oral problems when they’re small and when your dental specialist knows about your oral health history. As such, if you need a dentist in the Simpsonville SC region, you’ll likely need to see a dentist if you have the following symptoms:

  • Blood on Toothbrush or Floss

Bleeding gums when brushing or flossing could signify a developing gum infection. If unattended, gum problems can prompt loss of bone in your teeth, which may result in losing your teeth. Other signs involve red, tender gums that may swell and pus between your gums teeth.

  • Existing Medical Problems

Your dentist is an integral entity to your health, particularly if there are existing health conditions (e.g., diabetes, heart problems, eating problems, or are HIV+), or you’re undergoing medical treatment (e.g., radiation).

Pay attention to your mouth, as sometimes the signs may be something subtle like an unusually dried up mouth. Healthy mouths are moist and well lubricated to move particles away and neutralize acidity caused by plaque. Any irregularities may signify underlying problems and even make your mouth smell.

  • Loose Teeth

Any slight instability or increasing gaps as an adult shouldn’t be taken lightly as these could signify infections. Pay special attention to changes in how your teeth fit when you chew. Another tell-tale sign is an incessant toothache. 

Pain and sensitivity may be due to numerous causes: cavities, an ulcer, broken tooth, ruined fillings, or grinding your teeth. Visit a dentist in Simpsonville SC who’ll be able to diagnose the pain, and treat any hidden issues.

  • Bumps or Sores

Usually, infections clear up without any problem in one to about fourteen days. However, persisting oral injuries should be dealt with. Thrush, for example, can appear as white spots on your tongue, inside the cheek, or your palate and diabetic patients are more susceptible to thrush due to the sugar in their saliva.

  • Sensitivity to Heat and Cold

Some people typically have more sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity is usually treated with sensitivity toothpaste. However, if you’re feeling unusually extreme pain when taking in hot or cold substances, this could highlight a more profound issue. Book an appointment and have it checked out immediately.


Listen to your body. Never downplay any symptoms you’re experiencing, as these may be your chance to nip a possible oral problem in the bud. Schedule a visit to the dentist in Simpsonville SC to get a check-up today!…