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Where to Find the Best Source for Power In America

An indispensable part of businesses and other organizations in this modern age is the uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This life-saving machine powers your equipment in the event of power outages that can endanger business operations as well as everyone’s safety. These machines, therefore, need quality sources for power that are guaranteed to be durable, safe, and cost-efficient. From C&D Technologies to EastPenn, here are some recommended brands that offer some of the best power sources in the US.

  1. C&D Technologies High Rate Batteries 

C&D Technologies, founded in 1985, has a special High Rate Max battery series equipped with absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology that eliminates the need for maintenance of electrolytes. These batteries are built to function up to a decade, with a decent 3-year warranty. It ensures a longer battery life with its Patented Long Life Alloy that boasts the most minimal calcium among all other brands. Their products are a go-to, particularly for new buyers who want quality and reasonable prices.

  1. EnerSys High Rate Batteries

EnerSys batteries offer AGM batteries that have notably a higher energy density for an increased lifespan. They also have a line of DataSafe VRLA (valve-regulated lead acid) batteries that can accommodate needs varying from small businesses to higher requirement data centers. The DataSafe batteries are ideal for UPS systems, and unlike most commercial lead-calcium units, they can reduce your operative expenses needed to keep up a full charge by up to 40%.

  1. Yuasa Replacement High-Rate Discharge Batteries

Another long trusted US manufacturer, Yuasa Battery is a child company of GS Yuasa that’s originated in Japan. Their company has a line of NPH batteries known to charge efficiently and a considerable operating life that has a minimal self-discharge. Yuasa offers a one-year replacement warranty that’s unique in that it covers for shipping fees, unlike most brands.

  1. EastPenn High Rate Batteries 

Among EastPenn’s selection of batteries, their Deka High Rate Series is one of their best. Their battery products are structured to resist bulging and are heat-sealed to ensure maximum leak protection. Their IPF Technology is installed to regulate power capacity, resulting in an exceedingly reliable product. Additionally, they sealed their units with epoxy and have made them flame-retardant, which we can all agree is an advantageous feature.


The factors to consider when looking for quality power source include durability, affordability, and voltage capacity, among others. There are tons of brands to consider, so make sure to be thorough and check all the aspects of buying power sources like their warranty or the company’s equipment protection policy.…