Baby For Adoption

Why Birth Mothers Decide On Giving My Baby Up For Adoption

When a parent decides to give up their baby for adoption, it can be one of the most difficult things they will ever have to do. Most of the mothers who decide to go with an adoption plan will struggle emotionally with feelings of regret, sorrow, guilt, pain and numerous other feelings that will for sure flood her mind. So why do birth mothers decide on giving my baby up for adoption?

Future Plans

A mother, particularly in her teens is simply not ready or well-equipped for the responsibilities that come with parenthood. Also, she may still be studying or starting out a new career and decide that her goals and dreams for the future are too important at that stage in life. She may feel unprepared and decide that giving the baby up for adoption is the best chance both of them have to succeed in the future.

The Child Brings Back Bitter Memories

Not every child is conceived within the structure of a mutual and loving relationship. The experience of the mother can be less than ideal and can range from a bad relationship with the father to even rape. Raising a child as a mother isn’t just about becoming a parent; it’s a bond with the child’s father and commitment to a stable relationship. One way or another, the mother will require the assistance of the father either financially or practically. If she doesn’t have a good relationship with baby daddy, she may opt to give up the kid for adoption so that she isn’t connected with him for life. She may also want to avoid the emotional hurt of raising his kid and decide to give the baby a fresh start.

Unplanned Pregnancy

When facing an unexpected pregnancy, the parent may not be in a position to provide everything the child needs. Unwanted pregnancies usually come as a shock and in most cases, the mother will ill-prepared to handle the responsibilities of parenthood. This can be a reason to place the kid for adoption especially if the mother has no desire of becoming a parent. In this case, the birth mother will be giving somebody else an opportunity to experience the gift of life.

When deciding on giving baby up for adoption, the parent should not be worried about what other people may think. Instead, they need to ensure that the child is placed in a loving and financially stable household for him/her to have the best life possible.…