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5 Reasons Why Tattoo is Popular among Millennials

auckland tattooMillennials want to be in trend through different styles. Some consider having their hair dyed, while some want their body to be inked. In Auckland tattoo is popular not only in the younger generation but also for people of all ages.

History of Tattoo

Dating back centuries ago, tattoos are a thing in different cultures. People have different interpretation regarding body art. As proof that tattoos exist during ancient times, they were found engraved in a mummified skin of Otzi the Iceman, which was discovered in 1991. Otzi is believed to be the oldest European mummy. In its body, approximately 61 tattoos were found. Different materials were used in to create this form of body art.

Stigma Regarding Tattoos

As time goes by, stigmas regarding tattoos were formulated. According to a tattoo artist, the bad belief about body did not fade. In some culture, a tattoo is viewed as a taboo. In some cases, people who have tattoos are seen as criminals.

Some people are afraid of getting a tattoo even if they want to because they can be discriminated in the workplace. Millennials are hoping to change the population’s perception of society on people with body arts like tattoos.

Tattoo in Modern Days

During the past decades, a tattoo is becoming prevalent in the art scene. It is becoming acceptable in society. However, there are still criticisms. Since the younger generation is more drawn to art, many consider having their body inked. It is perceived as a permanent form of art that can leave an impact on one’s personality. Millennials love to express their true self, and having a tattoo can be a form of expression.

Millennials Changing the Tattoo Industry

The younger generation is creating a buzz on the tattoo industry. The art is becoming popular due to several reasons like:

  • the belief that a tattoo is an art form,
  • influences of celebrities having inks,
  • impact of media by changing the opinions on tattoos,
  • self-acceptance and expression in the form of a tattoo, and
  • the plan in revolutionizing the art scene by introducing the aesthetics of body arts.

A tattoo is considered as an art; like other forms, it should also be valued. If you are considering of getting one or more, make sure that you find the best tattoo artist because this art will leave a mark on you.