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5 Popular Eco-friendly Hair Dyes In the Market

Not only does the Ann Arbor hair salon offers you express services, but they also have organic products available that don’t infuse unwanted chemicals in your hair that may cause damage and chronic illnesses. Trying to get that majestic red-brown hair? Here are safe and reliable products in the market today.

Light Mountain Natural Hair Color

Although it may not give you that dramatic color change you’ve always wanted, it is still the least toxic boxed hair color. It uses henna dyes that efficiently deepens the color of your hair with a guarantee that it covers all grays and lets you experience color shifts from your natural hair color. No, it doesn’t give you that extreme color change from dark to light because it uses henna dyes instead of chemicals to provide semi-permanent color.

Morocco Method Natural Henna Hair Color

Another product using henna dyes, this product provides a color chart that lets you track the color shades you can expect having in each time you apply the Morocco Method. Because henna is naturally from a plant, it only gives subtle color changes; which is why you have to use it more than once to arrive at the shade of your choice.

Ammonia-free Hair Colors

Ammonia has been known to cause throat irritation and respiratory problems due to its strong aroma. Although these products may still contain formulas with chemical compounds, they are decidedly less toxic than most brands and provide fast drastic color shifts. Brands like L’Oreal Paris, Garnier, and Clairol all offer ammonia-free products.

Kemon Nayo

Another harmful ingredient in most hair dyes is P-Phenylenediamine (PPD) that causes skin irritation and nervous system problems. It’s also known to weaken your immune system, making you prone to diseases and illnesses. Kamon Kayo neither has PPD and ammonia in its formula. Using natural yogurt, the product extracts your natural hair color and leaves it silky and shiny.

Aveda Natural Hair Color

Known as the best brand that offers 99 percent of naturally derived hair color application, Aveda Natural defines organic products in which active ingredients are 50 percent of molecules come from plant, water, or non-petroleum mineral.

Not only are these kinds of chemicals risky for our hair, but they can also harm ecosystems once they’re rinsed from our body. Fortunately, with products like the ones mentioned above, we can avoid the dangers of the potentially harmful chemicals that commercial hair dyes have.