Coming soon to the Mac App Store is my new application, ISO Burn. The main reason I created ISO Burn is to have an app similar to imgBurn for Mac OS X, I’m hoping to have many of the features that are available in imgBurn available in ISO Burn. Most notably with ISO Burn you can set a layer break for your image files which will make it simple to set where on the disc the second layer will begin. Another reason for building this app was so that everyone would have a simple intuitive application to build and burn image files for the Mac. I know Apple has an app called Disk Utility, and I know its awesome, etc… but for the average user, I think its a bit too much and doesn’t have some of the core functionality that will be present within ISO Burn

ISO Burn is the successor to ISOX360 which was an application I developed about 2 years ago for Mac OS X. ISOX360 was built mainly to support burning XBOX360 backups but otherwise didn’t have any other features. ISO Burn will not be a direct replacement of ISOX360 and will not feature verification or patching of XBOX 360 images. However, ISO Burn does support the burning of XBOX 360 images 100% as well as many other types of disc images. Some of the disc image formats that are supported are listed below:

  • .DVD
  • .ISO
  • DMG
  • IMG

ISO Burn also supports multiple burners. If you’ve got an external burner connected you can choose between that and your internal burner. This is a feature that was lacking in ISOX360 that I have been asked countless times to implement.

As soon as ISO Burn is available on the Mac App Store, download links to ISOX360 will be removed and the application will no longer be supported. ISO Burn will be an active project as are many other apps that I have developed that are now on the Mac App Store. I will offer free support for ISO Burn and implement feature requests as long as they are within reason.

The expected date for ISO Burn to be released should be sometime around mid-July depending on how quickly the review process goes. Sometimes its quick and sometimes it can take up to a month or so.

Ideas? Specific Feature Requests? I’d like to hear from you.

UPDATE 6/23/2011 – isoBurn has been submitted to the Mac App Store, to read more about it and see some screen shots please visit http://empoc.com/isoburn