It’s relatively simple to Jailbreak your PS3 using your iPhone but to figure out the entire process from beginning to end was actually quite a challenge for me. I couldn’t find a single tutorial that explained in detail steps what you have to do to prepare your iPhone to Jailbreak the PS3 and then how to use the iPhone to Jailbreak the PS3 and then how to load packages like Open Manager, FTP Server, SNES9x, etc.. and finally how to go about putting game backups on the PS3′s internal Hard Drive.

This Tutorial will provide you with a complete overview of what is required to Jailbreak your PS3 using your iPhone 2G and will be broken up into the following sections:

  • Preparing your iPhone 2G for Jailbreaking
  • Jailbreaking your PS3 with your iPhone 2G
  • Installing Packages ( FTP Server, Open Manager, Backup Manager, SNES9x )
  • Copying a backup game to your PS3′s internal hard drive

You will need to download the following files below:

  • Download:

      iPhoDroid 2G Mac PSFreedom (59.6 MiB, 1,424 hits)

    (iPhoDroid for Mac)
  • Download:

      PS3 FTP Server (517.9 KiB, 1,238 hits)

    (FTP Server for PS3)
  • Download:

      Open Manager 1.17.1 (1.3 MiB, 1,123 hits)

    (Manage Game Backups)
  • Download:

      Backup Manager 1.1 (527.5 KiB, 1,065 hits)

    (Manage Game Backups)
  • Download:

      Backup Manager 2 (525.8 KiB, 1,069 hits)

    (A modified version of Backup Manager that allows you to load a backup without a disc in the drive. I haven’t tested it)
  • Download:

      SNES9X PS3 (14.1 MiB, 1,082 hits)

    (An SNES Emulator)
  • Download:

      Cyberduck 3.7 (19.9 MiB, 1,391 hits)

    (A Mac FTP Client, I’ve tried FileZilla but it had issues)

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of the writing of this tutorial, there is no way of jail breaking any PS3 with firmware above 3.41. Also, this tutorial is written with the Mac user in mind, if you are using Windows you should be able to apply the same processes mentioned here.

Preparing Your iPhone 2G for Jailbreaking:

Note: This tutorial assumes that your iPhone 2G is already Jailbroken. If your iPhone 2G is not jailbroken then lookup redsn0w and perform the Jailbreak.

  1. Connect Your iPhone 2G to your Mac and make sure iTunes is not running.
  2. Launch iPhoDroid
  3. Click Shoot!
  4. iPhoDroid will now install Openiboot and the Android Operating System as well as PSFreedom
  5. On the final screen iPhoDroid will tell you that your phone will enter recovery mode
  6. You will notice that your phone will have openiboot loaded up.
  7. Scroll down to Install using the Volume Buttons.
  8. Press the Home Button
  9. Disconnect the iPhone from your Mac
  10. Wait for init to scroll on the screen

Your iPhone is now ready to jailbreak your PS3. It is currently running in a loop basically waiting to detect the playstation. It is important that you do not let your phone sit in this loop for an extended length of time. Allowing your iPhone to stay in this loop for hours will eventually brick your phone. Please be warned.

Note: To boot your phone back into iOS push the Lock and Home buttons at the same time and hold them until the screen turns off. You are now presented with the openiboot menu. iOS should be selected by default. Push the home button. The first time after loading openiboot and trying to get back into iOS might not work as the phone may still be in recovery mode. If this is the case plug the phone back into your Mac and launch iPhoDroid once again but instead of clicking on Shoot! click on Exit Recovery Mode. This will allow your iPhone to properly boot into iOS.

At any time you can have your phone back in the init loop by pressing and holding the Lock and Home button and then selecting Android and pressing Home. So go ahead and get your phone into the init loop mode and follow the next part to jailbreak your PS3.

Jailbreaking your PS3 with your iPhone 2G:

Assuming that you’ve followed all of the steps above correctly, your iPhone 2G should be running in the INIT loop.

  • If you have a PS3 Slim, unplug the power from the back, then plug in your iPhone to the USB port then plug the Power Cable back in.
  • If you have a PS3 Phat, flip the power switch to Off, then plug in your iPhone to the USB port then flip the Power Switch to On.

With the iPhone plugged in, press the power button on your PS3 and then immediately press the eject button. You should now start seeing some lines of text appear in-between the INIT’s. When the iPhone comes to a stopping point there should be about 4 lines of text. Unplug the USB and plug it back in immediately. Then wait for a bunch more text to scroll on the iPhone. When this text stop scrolling you, you have successfully jailbroken your PS3.

Using your controller navigate to the Games section of your XMB and you should notice 2 extra folders that weren’t there before. The folder that we are interested in is the Install Packages folder. The Install Packages folder will be used in the next section to install Open Manager, Backup Manager, FTP Server and SNES9x.

At this point I think you can disconnect your iPhone but lets keep it plugged in until we have all of the packages installed. Leave your PS3 on and your iPhone connected.

Installing Packages ( FTP Server, Open Manager, Backup Manager, SNES9x ):

Assuming that you’ve followed all of the steps above correctly and have the FTP Server, Open Manager, Backup Manager and SNES9X packages downloaded, you will need a flash drive.

  1. Plug your Flash Drive into an available USB port on your Mac
  2. Copy all of the .pkg files onto the root of the flash drive.
  3. Unplug the Flash Drive from your Mac
  4. Plug the Flash Drive into an available USB port into your PS3
  5. Navigate to the Install Packages Folder
  6. You should see all 4 of the Packages that you added to your flash drive
  7. One by one click on each and install them.

When all of the packages are installed you will be able to run each of them by clicking on their icon within the Game section of your XMB.

Here is a brief overview of the packages we have just installed:

  • FTP Server – This package adds an FTP server to your PS3 and will allow you to remotely connect to your PS3 so that you can move and copy files and folders. We will use this FTP server in the next section when I go over how to copy game backups from your Mac to the internal HDD of your PS3
  • Open Manager / Backup Manager – Open Manager and Backup Manager are essentially the same thing. They allow you to manage games loaded onto your PS3 either from your Mac or from Blu-Ray Disc. You can copy, delete and launch your games using either of these packages. We will be using these to launch the backup game that we will be copying from the Mac to the PS3.
  • SNES9X – I’m sure everyone has heard this name before. SNES9X is a Super Nintendo emulator and has been ported to just about every console on the market. It allows you to play Super Nintendo Roms. This is always good to have for those nostalgic days when you just have that need to play some retro games. I’ll briefly cover this package and how to add ROMS to your PS3 so you can play them with SNES9X.

At this point of the tutorial you should have a jailbroken PS3 with all of the necessary packages installed. In the next section I will go over how to copy a backup from your Mac to the PS3′s internal hard drive and how to launch the game using Backup Manager.

Copying a backup game to your PS3′s internal hard drive:

Now, this is the part of the tutorial that I’m sure everyone has been waiting for. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations because you are only a few steps from playing a backup of your PS3 game. Now I’m going to go ahead and state a warning.

Warning: I do not condone software piracy. I am simply providing instructions that will aid consumers in making backup’s of their originally purchased games so that they may keep their purchased games in a safe place and play only their game backups. I do not and will not host game backups for download. I will only provide a way of searching for available backup downloads, this is only in case there is something wrong with your original game ( scratched, broken in half, melted, etc… ) which means that you have already purchased the game and the store will not offer you an exchange or a refund.

Ok, with the warning aside, lets proceed.

  1. Start the FTP Server from the Games section within your XMB
  2. You will notice an IP address at the top. This address will be used for CyberDuck
  3. Navigate to Start FTP Service ( This should already be selected ) Click X on your controller

From your Mac

  1. Launch the Cyber Duck Application
  2. In the Quick Connect Text Field, enter the IP address that is displayed on the FTP Server, from Step 2 above, and press enter.
  3. Once the connection Completes, you should see a folder “dev_hdd0″, this is the internal HDD of your PS3.
  4. Double Click on dev_hdd0
  5. Find the “game” folder and Double Click on it.
  6. Find the “LAUN12345″ folder and Double Click on it.
  7. Find the “GAMEZ” folder and Double Click on it. If there is no GAMEZ folder then we will have to create one. This is very simple. Right Click anywhere in the white space and then click on New Folder and give the folder a name of GAMEZ in all caps.
  8. Double Click on the GAMEZ folder. It should be empty. This is the location where we will copy the game backup to.
  9. Drag the extracted game folder into the Cyber Duck Window and wait for it to finish copying. Depending on your network connection (Gigabit Ethernet, 10/100, wiFi), this can take a while. So go do something but leave your PS3 alone.

When the copy process has finished go back to your PS3, Exit FTP Server by navigating to Exit to XMB and pushing the X Button on your controller. When you are back at the XMB, scroll to Backup Manager and push X to Launch it. If all went well then your game should appear there. You will need to insert an original Game disc for this to work.

When you launch your game from within Backup Manager it will require you to have an original game in the drive, doesn’t matter which one just be sure its an original. Once the game is launched it will take you back to the XMB, now when you scroll to the game disc in the drive, the actual name of the original will be replaced with the name of the backup you are loading. So go ahead and push the X Button. on the game disc and your game should load. Remember to say no or cancel to ANY AND ALL UPDATES. Try to not be signed into PSN, I am not sure of the repercussions of playing backups online.

NOTE: The game folder that you are copying to the GAMEZ folder via FTP should have a similar file structure to the below:



If you’ve downloaded the game from NewZBin or any other USENET site then this will most likely be the format after extraction.

Well that’s it for this section. I will now briefly cover SNES9X and will list some links to an example game NZB and a link to a great SNES Roms site.

SNES9X How To for the PS3:

If you’ve followed all of the above steps, which you should have, then SNES9X should already be installed. If you didn’t install it then please scroll up to installing packages and install SNES9X. If you’ve already got it installed then follow the steps below:

On The PS3

  1. Launch FTP Server
  2. Start FTP Server

On The Mac

  1. Launch CyberDuck FTP Client
  2. Type in the IP Address into the Quick Connect Text Field and press enter.
  3. Navigate to dev_hdd0 and double click.
  4. In here we will create a folder called ROMS. Right click anywhere within the window and click on New Folder.
  5. Name the folder roms
  6. Double Click on the roms folder. This will be the folder to copy all of your downloaded roms to. This procedure is the same as copying a PS3 game you just drag the SMC file to the roms folder. See below for a site that has many SNES roms available for download.

On The PS3

  1. Exit the FTP Server by navigating to Exit to XMB and then pushing X on your controller.
  2. Launch SNES9X
  3. Navigate to the dev_hdd0 folder and push X
  4. Navigate to the roms folder and push X
  5. Select the ROM you wish to load and push X

You should now have SNES9X running with your selected ROM. If it isn’t working feel free to leave me a comment. Now as promised the next and last section has some links for you.


Last but not least an NZB file for Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe for PS3

Hopefully you’ve found this tutorial useful, as you can imagine it takes a lot of time to put something useful together and make sure that its 100% correct. If I missed anything or have made a mistake along the way or if you’ve got questions feel free to comment as always.

NOTE: Just wanted to mention that after you have booted your PS3 with the Jail Break hack, you can disconnect your iPhone and turn it off. The iPhone is only needed in the beginning when you turn your PS3 on. Any time you reboot your PS3 you must reconnect the iPhone and perform the Jail Break hack in order to use any of the installed packages or play backed up games. Remember that leaving your iPhone running for an extended period of time in the INIT loop can eventually brick your iPhone.

I take no responsibility for any hardware damage or PSN banning that might result in performing any of the above steps.