Today I want to tell you all about a great new app developed by Andreas Loew, who is also the developer of Texture Packer, an essential development tool if you are using cocos2d and want to optimize memory usage. The app I will talk about today is another great development tool named Physics Editor.

Physics Editor is a very useful tool for anyone using Cocos2d and Box2d. It takes all of the difficult work out defining vertexes for box2d bodies. The tool makes it so easy in fact that you can import any shape with transparency and Physics Editor automatically detects all the vertexes for you and stores them in a plist file that you can later add to your project.

Physics Editor makes it easy to place all of your box2d body information into a single plist file including information for multiple box2d bodies. You can add other useful information to your bodies besides the vertexes, you can also specify properties such as; PTM-RATIO, Anchor Point, Density, Restitution, Friction, Is Sensor, etc…

This app really does take a lot of the time you would spend figuring out all of the vertexes and writing code for all of your box2d bodies’ properties. Best of all you can save your project to later make quick and easy changes to the properties of your bodies by simply editing a single file. Physics Editor also includes some easy to understand examples that show you how to use the exported plist file with your box2d project. Apart from box2d, Physics Editor also supports chipmunk and you can also create your own custom export profile since Physics Editor is all template based.

All in all I consider Physics Editor to be a must have tool for anyone that spends any amount of time developing with box2d, you will not regret purchasing this software and will most likely be sending a thank you message to Andreas for all of his hard work and dedication to make our lives easier.

You can download Physics Editor from here.