Through the years there have been many different types of 3D with the most popular being anaglyph. You might remember the Red / Blue cardboard glasses, these were commonly used for viewing anaglyph 3D. The major drawback to anaglyph 3D is poor quality. Another type of 3D was field sequential which was seen around the time that Laser Discs were being released. Field Sequential 3D was viewed by connecting a sensor bar to the source video equipment and viewing with a special pair of shutter glasses that would sync to the sensor. The latest 3D technology built into the newest LED T.Vs is stereoscopic and displays frames at 120 Hz.

Most modern T.Vs that natively support 3D have a USB port to accept the use of an external storage device for playing back music, movies, etc…

I own a Samsung LED 3D TV and the TV supports USB Mass storage devices and is capable of playing back video formats such as MKV and AVI. The TV also supports different types of 3D formats, some of which include Side-by-Side or Over-and-Under.

I’ve recently discovered that it appears to be possible to make backup’s of 3D Blu Ray movies and then encode them into a Side-by-Side MKV video. This of course makes it very convenient to watch 3D content on my TV. If you have a usenet server account and have access to a usenet search engine such as NewzBin and you own a 3D TV with USB support that can play back MKV files then you’re in luck.

If you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a 3D TV, Blu-Ray Player, Glasses, etc… then you may have noticed that 3D content is really difficult to come by and not because it doesn’t exist but because Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and others have exclusive deals with studios to provide content only with bundle purchases so the only way to get 3D content is to download it from the internet. Manufacturers and studios have forced us to do this and myself as well as many others would not need to resort to this if exclusive contracts wouldn’t exist. So I blame the Movie Industry and the TV manufacturers.

Anyway, to download 3D movies you need a few things:

  • Usenet Account
  • Usenet Search Engine
  • News Reader Software
  • 3D TV with USB and MKV support that can do Side-By-Side or the ability to burn Blu-Ray Discs and a 3D Blu-Ray Player

You should read my tutorial on how to download from NewzBin to understand Usenet and everything that comes with it. Once a week I will be posting a 3D Blu Ray Movie of the week NZB file that will include both the full Blu Ray ISO and the Side-By-Side.

I will start with the first one today, right after this post.