This is a tutorial on How To Stealth Path your XBOX 360 games on a Mac. After much searching on google I have had a really difficult time finding anything to help me stealth patch XBOX 360 games on Mac that I’ve downloaded from the internet.

OSx360 Stealth Not Verified

OSx360 Stealth Not Verified


So this is sort of a follow up tutorial for How To Burn your XBOX 360 games on a mac. If you’ve opened OSx360 and the Stealth verification failed then you can’t burn the game and even if you could, you probably wouldn’t be able to play it in your XBOX 360 console.

This tutorial will explain in detail what you should do if Stealth doesn’t pass verification in OSx360. First you must download an application. The application we will need is called abx360, you can google for it or download it below. This application will fix an unverified stealth patch. ( Most of the time )

Download and install abgx360. Once it’s installed, open the application and then open up your ISO file of the game that didn’t pass the Stealth verification by clicking on the blue folder icon to the right of the text input field. You should have something similar to the below illustration.

abgx360 Open

abgx360 Open

Now click on the AutoFix tab and copy the settings below.

abgx360 AutoFix Tab

abgx360 AutoFix Tab


When you have everything set correctly you can click on the blue Launch button at the very bottom it should turn green when you hover over it with your mouse.

abgx360 Launch

abgx360 Launch


After clicking on the Launch button, a Terminal window should open and you should start seeing a bunch of text similar to the below. DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS. Let it do its thing.

Notice the lines in Red, the game I am working with has a blank DMI, a blank PFI and my Stealth check has failed. These are all bad things and fortunately are all things that abgx360 will fix for us.

abgx360 Terminal

abgx360 Terminal


 You will notice that towards the bottom you’ll see some nice green lines of text. PFI, DMI, Video and Stealth have all been fixed, now it just needs to verify the CRC of the ISO. Let it finish, be patient this could take a few minutes. Finally we know that the program has finished when we see the line AutoFix was successful!

You can now close the Terminal and abx360. Now you can follow my tutorial on how to burn your XBOX 360 games on a mac using OSx360 and when the Verify screen pops up you should see something similar to the following.

OSx360 After ISO is fixed

OSx360 After ISO is fixed

Everything looks good, Stealth Check has passed, PFI and SS Sector Data are Valid, DMI is Valid and all is right with the world. Now go ahead and burn your game and enjoy.

Hopefully I’m not repeating what someone else has already done but like I said, I have not been able to find a good / if any tutorial on the internet. Please let me know if I missed something or you have some questions or need some help.

So I went out and bought an XBOX 360 the other day and the first think I did after opening the box of course, is, I took it apart to have a look at the guts. I purchased the Arcade version of the 360 which came with a Lite-On DVD drive, and so the search began.

Being new to the whole XBOX community I had no idea how to go about modding it so that I can play backup’s and the tutorials on the internet are not very descriptive for a new comer. So I found a few sites with some good information and found all the tools I needed after hours of searching.

So now I’d like to give back to the community and write a very simple easy to understand tutorial, as well as providing you with all of the necessary tools and show you how to flash mod the xbox 360 to play copied games. It should be noted that this is an xbox 360 liteon drive mod and wont work for any of the other DVD drives.

This mod is considered a soft mod for the XBOX 360 and will allow you to mod the xbox 360 without a mod chip. This is done by flashing the firmware of your xbox 360 dvd-drive.

Required Software:

  • ixtreme_15.rar – Download this file, it has everything we need in it. Thanks to ixtreme we can save ourselves a lot of time.

Required Hardware:

  • A PC with an available SATA port as well as a COM ( DB-9 / Serial ) port.
  • TX Probe, Scroll down for a schematic on how to build one, or pay me $20.00 and I’ll send you one.


  • Disassemble the XBOX 360 and take out the DVD Drive – Look for a tutorial on YouTube

There are 4 Steps to this tutorial, they are:

  1. Building The TX Probe ( approximately 30 min. depending on experience )
  2. Preparing Your XBOX 360 DVD Drive ( approximately 15 min. depending on experience )
  3. Key Dumping ( approximately 5 min. depending on experience )
  4. Flashing ( approximately 5 min. depending on experience )

Total Time:

  • Disassemble XBOX 360 — 30 min
  • Follow My Tutorial — 55 min
  • Reassemble XBOX 360 — 20 min
  • Playing Any Game You Want — Timeless !! :)

Building The TX Probe:

For your convenience I have hyperlinked all the parts back to their respective Radio Shack links.

TX Probe Schematic

TX Probe Schematic

Parts List:

Tools List:

Optional ( To Make It Look Nice ):

  • Enclosure
  • PC Board

(All of these parts should be readily available at Radio Shack)

Note: Don’t want to build one yourself ? or can’t seem to do it right ? Purchase one from me. I’m selling them for $40.00 each.

Click The Button to add it to the cart [wp_eStore:product_id:5:end]

Preparing The XBOX 360 DVD Drive:

Before we can do anything else we need to make sure that the XBOX 360′s DVD drive is half open. To do this push the eject button on the XBOX and after the drive is fully open remove the connection cable from the back of the drive and then push the tray until it is half open. DO NOT RECONNECT THE CABLE YET.

Before we reconnect the cable we need to remove pin 3. This pin controls the opening / closing of the tray. With this pin removed the XBOX will not be able to eject or close the drive tray.

Now that we have the DVD drive set the way we want we can move on to the next step.

Key Dumping:

Connect your XBOX 360′s DVD drive via the SATA cable to your computers SATA port and power on your drive. If you are powering your drive from the XBOX 360, then make sure that you removed Pin 3 from the connection cable before turning the 360 on.

Back of DVD Drive

Assuming that you’ve already downloaded ixtreme_1.5.rar we can move right along and open up jungleflasher.exe which you can find in the JungleFlasher .26 BETA folder within the folder that has the extracted contents of ixtreme_1.5.rar

Probing TX Point

Probing TX Point

  • Go to the DVDKey32 tab and go through the I/O ports until you see the info for your liteon drive under drive properties.
  • Make sure your drive is ejected and pushed in half way. Select your COM port, connect your TX Probe and probe to the Tx (R707) point while pressing the Get Key Button.
  • Save all the files to a folder

Note: If you get an error saying your hardware isn’t working. check over the adapter make sure everything is correct. try testing it with a multimeter. If all else fails, you may need to buy/build a “proper” max232/max3232 adapter.

If the above step worked, dump the key another two times just to be sure you get the same key! and SAVE ALL THE BIN FILES TO A DISK OR USB STICKTHIS IS YOUR BACKUP LIFELINE.

  • Go to the FirmwareTool32 tab and click Load From Dump Files.
  • Select the files you saved previously, and chose where to save the dummy.bin
  • Click Open Target Firmware and select ix15-liteon.bin which you extracted from ixtreme_1.5.rar. It should show YOUR KEY in the box
  • Press Spoof Source to Target and save your CFW.bin

You should now have the keys dumped, and your new firmware spoofed. We can now proceed to the next and final step.


Now that we have everything prepared, we can flash the firmware of the DVD drive. Up until now we have not modified anything on the DVD drive. If you want you can put your XBOX 360 back together right now and it will still work.

Although its almost impossible to brick your drive with this method, there’s still that 1% chance that something can go wrong. Please know that I am not responsible for what happens to your 360. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself then scroll down to the bottom and read my instructions for sending me your XBOX 360 so that I can do the mod for you.

  • Turn your DVD drive off and then back on, then go to the MTK Flash 32 tab. select the sata port which displays the info for your liteon.
  • Press Lite-On-Erase.
  • Once you see the “…” quickly turn your drive off and back on.
  • When that’s finished it should display xx72 and some flash information. this means your drive is ready to be flashed!
  • Click the Write button. It should flash and verify all 4 sectors. if all goes well you are done!

Hopefully just as with my other tutorials, you have enjoyed this one or at least found it useful or helpful. Well as always if I left something out or there’s something I could simplify then leave me a comment and I’d be happy to edit the tutorial.

Purchase TX Probe:

$40.00 is all it will cost you, the TX Probe is required for Flashing Lite-On DVD drives since the drives keys need to be dumped and spoofed.

Just click the Add To Cart Button and checkout. [wp_eStore:product_id:5:end]

Purchase XBOX 360 Mod:

$50.00 Flat Fee To Mod ANY Version of the XBOX 360

Price Includes, MODDING of 360′s DVD Drive, CD containing your DVD Drives Orginal Firmware, Key, Identify and Inquiry .bin files, and one (1) backup game of your choice!

NOTE: Your Xbox360 will have to be opened to apply the hack which WILL VOID your Warranty if you have one, or you can take the Warranty sticker off under the faceplate (some are small and silver, others are a big white/green square)

I offer no compensation or guarantee for you voiding your warranty while trying to take it off, by getting me to mod your console you accept that your warranty(If still valid and not removed) WILL BE VOIDED!

How To Order:

Leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I’ll send you a payment link with a ship to address and instructions.

XBOX 360 Modding FAQ:

Q: Can my 360 be flashed back to its original unmodded state?
A: YES! When you get your 360 flashed by me, I will give you a CD which contains the DVD drives original Firmware for that very reason! Please keep the CD safe and don’t lose it.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee or replace my 360 if you break it?
A: No I offer no guarantee, but if your 360 gets messed up while flashing, I will replace it free of charge.

Q: Once my xbox 360 is modded, is there any way I can accidentally brick, break or ruin my xbox 360 or the MOD(or hack) will mess up or ruin my xbox 360?
A: NO. The MOD (or hack) is applied to the DVD drive itself, nothing inside the 360(Mainboard, CPU, GPU, etc) is touched. The MOD is a “Firmware” hack and its physically impossible for it to ruin/brick/mess up your Xbox 360.

Q: Can I play on Xbox LIVE without getting banned?
A: YES! The latest hacked firmware (iXtreme 1.51) offers excellent protection from getting banned from Xbox LIVE. There is always a risk of getting banned, but the chances are very low. You can safely play Wave 3 games now without worry of being banned! There is always a risk of getting banned, but the chances are very low. You can only be banned from playing an improperly burned game or someone who is inexperienced and flashed your xbox wrong.

Q: Do you offer compensation if I get banned from Xbox LIVE?
A: NO. I offer no guarantee/compensation of ANY kind if you get banned from XB LIVE.

Q: Is this LEGAL?
A: YES. Having backups of games is LEGAL if you own the original copy. See legal Disclaimer below…

Legal Disclaimer-

Copying or downloading games that you have not legally purchased or own is illegal in all countries. This violates not only laws in your own country, but international copyright laws as well. The purpose of the firmware hack is for making backup copies of games that you legally own. Software piracy is illegal carries a huge penalty if convicted, is ethically wrong, and hurts the game companies. Support the game developers by purchasing the games you play. You wouldn’t work for free would you? I am offering a SERVICE to those who cannot make backups of the games they legally own. I am not charging money for the game, but for materials, wear and tear on our dvd burners and for making the backup. Chris Fletcher is not affiliated with ANY of the companies, Microsoft, Xbox 360 or any others.

On June 1st Microsoft unveiled their rumored motion controller solution to the masses. But unlike the the Nintendo Wii which uses a motion controller, Microsoft’s solution uses full body motion as detected by an intelligent motion and audio sensor camera, which offers Voice Activated control as much as body movement.

As a computer technician I have had a lot of people bring in virus and spyware infected PC’s and they all seem to have 1 thing in common… Limewire.

Here is the deal with Limewire, it is a free P2P sharing program, what this means is that everyone in the world that has music, movies, games, etc… on their home computer can use Limewire to share their files with the rest of the world. In a perfect world this should be safe, but there are lots of people out there that infect files that they are sharing with viruses and spyware. So Limewire is just not safe, furthermore, most ISP’s are now monitoring the ports that these P2P programs are running on, so if you are sharing something that is copyrighted then you could be banned from your ISP.

Doesn’t sound like its worth all the hassle to me, thankfully there is an alternative and its not torrents. Let’s talk about binary newsgroups. I will share with you the tools and websites you can use to successfully download just about anything from movies to songs to games, etc…

The way downloading from binary newsgroups works is this:

  1. You need three things, a site to search for files, a server to download from and a newsreader that can open NZB files. Most if not all of these things cost money but you shouldn’t have to spend more then $20.00 / month to obtain everything needed to keep you downloading safe and not to mention fast.

There are 2 websites that you will need to sign up with in order to make this happen. They are listed below:

http://v3.newzbin.com – To search for binary files ( movies, music, shows, etc… )

  • Unfortunately at the time of this writing you can only sign up for an account with newzbin if you receive an invitation from another member. You are more then welcome to send me e-mails and / or comments and I will give out invitations at my discretion as they become available to me.

http://www.newsdemon.com – You will need to signup for this site.

  • Pricing at the time of this writing is $17.99 / month for unlimited downloads.

You will also need some sort of newsreader. Here are a few

  • http://www.panic.com/unison – This is a newsreader for Mac, they offer a trial download and after that expires you have to purchase the full version for $24.95. Here’s a quick tip, download unison, then go to newzbin and do a search for Unison
  • http://www.shemes.com – This is a newsreader for Windows, they advertise it as free. I haven’t tried it much since I have a  Mac but it looks very simple to use.

In a recent C-NET article

Microsoft on Tuesday notified more than 3,000 workers that it was eliminating their jobs.

The software maker said in January that it would cut up to 5,000 jobs over the next 18 months. It made 1,400 cuts at the time. With the second wave of notifications on Tuesday, Microsoft has cut nearly all 5,000 jobs already.

Although it didn’t announce further layoffs, the fact that the company has already made nearly all the reductions under the January plan means further job actions will have to come under a new round of cuts. In a memo to Microsoft workers, CEO Steve Ballmer left the door open to further action.

5000 jobs ? are you kidding me ? I understand the economic crisis but instead of laying people off why not give them a choice for a lower salary ? Maybe if Microsoft would lower some of their prices, they would increase their sales. I just think its pathetic for a multi billion dollar company to lay off this many people.

“As we move forward, we will continue to closely monitor the impact of the economic downturn on the company and if necessary, take further actions on our cost structure including additional job eliminations,” Ballmer said in the memo, which was seen by CNET News.

While the positions cut in January were more U.S.-centered, the cuts announced Tuesday were split roughly evenly between U.S. and international workers. The cuts were across the company in terms of job type.

And why so many international workers ? Can’t we keep jobs for US companies here in the US. It really upsets me that when a company the size of Microsoft outsources so many jobs to other countries when our country’s citizens are hurting to find jobs.

“As part of the plan we announced in January to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, today we are eliminating additional positions across several areas of the company,” Microsoft said in a public statement confirming the cuts. “While job eliminations are always difficult, we are taking these necessary actions in response to the global economic downturn.”

The company still plans to hire 2,000 to 3,000 workers this year in some growing areas of focus, including its online services business.

This last statement just tops off my anger how can they justify laying off 5000 employees and then hiring 2,000 to 3,000 more. Why not offer these new jobs to the 5000 or so employees being laid off. I may be speaking completely out of line here since I don’t know Microsoft’s internal processes but I would hope that Microsoft is doing everything possible to help out their employees.

Would love to hear some comments on this.