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Just thought I’d share some knowledge with all the Apple Fans :)

Managing your iPod with Songbird can be accomplished without much difficulty. Just follow this easy to use tutorial.

First things first. If you don’t have iTunes installed then you can skip the iTunes configuration steps.

iTunes Configuration:

  1. Plug in your iPod and open iTunes (if it doesn’t auto-launch). Select your iPod and then choose the Settings tab. Uncheck Open iTunes when this iPod is attached and check the box labeled Enable disk use (per the iPod plugin for Songbird page). Move the slider all the way over so that the maximum amount of “Data” is available. This will erase all of the songs currently on your iPod. Click Apply.
  2. Exit out of iTunes

Songbird Configuration:

  • If you don’t already have Songbird installed you can download it from here Get Songbird
  • Download the iPod plugin you can download and install it from here.
  1. When you launch Songbird for the first time, if you’ve previously used your iPod with iTunes, it will ask you if you want to change the library over to Songbird. Click Yes.
  2. If your iPod is connected you should see it listed in the left pane. You can click on it and set your options. My personal preference is to manually manage songs and playlists.
  3. Drag some songs from your library to your iPod

Note: If you have iTunes, the next time you open it and your iPod is connected, it will probably ask if you want to erase the new library and sync with iTunes. Click Cancel if you want to continue using Songbird as your iPod manager.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of coming across Songbird. It behaves similar to iTunes and even supports syncing to your iPod without too much trouble you can set it up to be your primary music application.

Better yet Songbird will run on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, it has a number of features such as:

Media Importing
Media Playback
Gapless Playback and Replay Gain
Album Artwork
Watch Folders
Smart Playlists
Web Browser 
Cross Platform
Multi Language Support
Automatic Updates
Setup Assistant
Custom UI
Library Management
Developer Support

Some future features will include the following:

Device Support for iPod Touch and Microsoft Zune
Metadata Management
Performance and Stability Enhancements

My next posting will be a comprehensive tutorial on how to manage your iPod using Songbird. Until then give it a try. You can download songbird here http://www.getsongbird.com

Have you ever stressed out about all those duplicate songs on your iPod. I know I have and I’ve recently done some research to help remedy the problem. I found a great free tool for Mac’s that removes duplicates from your iPod and also allows you to copy songs from your iPod back to your Mac.

You can download the program here: YamiPod

Download the software, mount the DMG and the copy YamiPod to your Applications folder. Run the YamiPod Application if your iPod is disconnected you will get the following prompt


YamiPod - iPod Not Connected

YamiPod - iPod Not Connected


Connect your iPod and you will be prompted with the following screen


YamiPod - Select iPod and enter FWID

YamiPod - Select iPod and enter FWID


Select your iPod and type in your FWID also known as the serial number. You can find this ID by following theses steps.

  1. From the apple menu ( top left of screen ) select About this Mac and click More Info
  2. In the left column select Hardware and then USB
  3. In the USB Device Tree you should see your iPod listed, select it
  4. The FWID is the Serial Number listed in the lower box

Once you enter in the FWID and click OK you may be presented with the following warning


YamiPod - Warning

YamiPod - Warning


Ignore it, click on Continue, at this point you should have a window with a list of all the songs on your iPod.


YamiPod - Song List

YamiPod - Song List


To remove duplicates follow these steps

  1. Tools -> Advanced -> Remove Duplicates
  2. By default everything being compared will be checked, you can uncheck anything that you don’t want YamiPod to compare, I usually leave defaults.
  3. Click OK
  4. If any duplicates are found it will show you which ones it found and give you the option to remove them

To copy songs from your iPod to your Mac follow these steps

  1. You’ve got several options here, you can copy all the songs from your iPod, a particular album, a particular artist, or a single song.
  2. In the top left pane you’ll see your artists, select one and it will show you all songs by that artist in the bottom pane, you can Right Click ( Control-Click ) on a song to save a single song or you can Select all and then right click again and click Copy Song To, this applies for any of the configurations in step 1.
  3. After clicking on Copy Song To, you will be presented with a window with options. Leave the defaults then click on Destination, a window will pop-up that will ask you where you want to copy the songs to.
  4. Select your destination and click copy.

This software has many other useful features, have fun exploring. Hopefully this tutorial was helpful.