Kid Tunes

Kid Tunes

Kid Tunes, one of my most recently developed apps, was approved and is now available on the App Store for purchase at only .99 cents. As usual I am doing a writeup on about the app here on chris-fletcher.com and provide links to the App Store page as well as a link to the location of the app on Empoc Media.

It was a lot of fun developing this app, mostly for my 6 year old daughter because she got to help me test it. Now that the app is finished she constantly asks me if she can play it. Needless to say, my iPhone no longer belongs to me. :)

Kid Tunes is an easy to use app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that includes 12 music sheets for famous children’s songs. Kid Tunes is sure to bring many hours of entertainment for your kids as well as for yourself, yup, Kid Tunes is fun for adults too. I’ll admit I have Row Row Row Your Boat stuck in my head.

The piano keys are color and number coded which match with the colors and numbers on the note sheets to make it easy for anyone to play the piano while learning how to read some simple sheet music. I already have some future updates planned which will include more songs to choose from as well as some other feature enhancements. Maybe I will include a play song button that will play the song for you once so that you can listen to the tune and and tempo. I think a volume bar might be a good idea and maybe I will implement some different themes.

Ideas are always welcome as well as any and all constructive criticism.


Kid Tunes on the App Store

Kid Tunes on Empoc Media

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately developing new iPhone and iPod Touch apps. In this post I will list some of the new apps that I’ve developed and give a brief description of each. First I will cover 2 new apps that were approved by the App Store as of today and then I will cover 2 more apps that should be approved soon.

Recently Approved:

2012 : Mayan Countdown – This app for the iPhone and iPod touch is an application designed and developed specifically for counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until December 21st 2012 at 11:11:11 AM.

I don’t have a personal opinion as to what will happen on this very important day in the history of our planet but I do know that many people believe that it will be the end of life as we know it. In either case, with this app it will make it easy and fun to count down to this day no matter what you believe will happen.

2012: Mayan Countdown was developed with optimized graphics for the new iPhone 4′s retina display. The graphics in this app are what makes it truly unique from all of the other Mayan Countdown apps available at the App Store.

The settings you can change for this application include the ability to turn on or off the second ticks as well as the background music which is great for relaxing and sets the mood for the countdown clock with ambient noise from the ancient Mayan times. You can also choose if you want to use the default setting of the iPhone or iPod Touch’s auto lock mode. With this mode disabled the clock will stay on the screen and you can watch and listen while you fall asleep.

You can get 2012 : Mayan Clock from the App Store today for only .99 cents by clicking on the above “Available on the App Store” link. If you are one of the first 50 people, go to http://empoc.com and request a promo code to download the app for free. The deal is, you get a free copy and in return you write a review and rate the app on the App Store.

Convert To Mayan – Convert To Mayan is an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that I developed after the development of 2o12 : Mayan Countdown. During the development process I’ve had to go back and forth to double check my calculations and make sure that the decimal numbers were being converted correctly to Mayan numerals.

I thought that it would be a great idea to have an application to do the conversion process rather then having to do it manually. Doing the process manually isn’t difficult, its just converting from a base-10 to a base-20 counting system and then figuring out how many bars, dots and shells you should have.

However as the numbers get bigger it becomes more difficult to figure out what the Mayan numerals should look like and that’s where this application comes in really handy. Since finishing the Mayan Countdown app, I don’t have any further use for this application but I’ve heard that there is at least one college math course that requires you to convert from decimal to Mayan numerals.

Convert To Mayan will make the process of double checking your work as simple as launching the app and then typing in the decimal value and clicking on convert. The app then instantly gives you the Mayan numeral representation of the decimal value that you entered.

Just like 2012 : Mayan Countdown, this app has a price tag of .99 cents and as all of the other apps developed by Empoc, you can get a free copy if you are one of the first 50 and write a review and rate the app on the App Store.

Coming Soon:

There are currently 2 apps waiting for the App Store approval. The 2 applications are “A Mayan Clock” and “Kid Tunes”. A Mayan Clock was inspired by 2012 : Mayan Countdown and Convert To Mayan. After searching the App Store and finding only one Mayan Clock, I only thought it was fair that everyone had more than one clock to choose from.

This isn’t just any old Mayan Clock, this is a sleek futuristic digital clock representing the time in Mayan numerals with a beautifully designed alien theme.

Kid Tunes is a piano app for the iPhone and iPod touch, designed to be easy for kids ages 5+ to use. It’s fun for kids and entertaining for adults. Kid Tunes is sure to provide you and your kids with hours of fun playing and learning the piano with the included note sheets of famous children’s songs.

Some other upcoming applications include a Trivia Game, a Learn To Multiply Game, and an app that will measure your car’s 0 to 60 speed.

To stay up to date on all current and future apps developed by Empoc Media please visit the companies site at http://empoc.com and subscribe to the RSS feed.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.