Kid Tunes

Kid Tunes

Kid Tunes, one of my most recently developed apps, was approved and is now available on the App Store for purchase at only .99 cents. As usual I am doing a writeup on about the app here on chris-fletcher.com and provide links to the App Store page as well as a link to the location of the app on Empoc Media.

It was a lot of fun developing this app, mostly for my 6 year old daughter because she got to help me test it. Now that the app is finished she constantly asks me if she can play it. Needless to say, my iPhone no longer belongs to me. :)

Kid Tunes is an easy to use app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that includes 12 music sheets for famous children’s songs. Kid Tunes is sure to bring many hours of entertainment for your kids as well as for yourself, yup, Kid Tunes is fun for adults too. I’ll admit I have Row Row Row Your Boat stuck in my head.

The piano keys are color and number coded which match with the colors and numbers on the note sheets to make it easy for anyone to play the piano while learning how to read some simple sheet music. I already have some future updates planned which will include more songs to choose from as well as some other feature enhancements. Maybe I will include a play song button that will play the song for you once so that you can listen to the tune and and tempo. I think a volume bar might be a good idea and maybe I will implement some different themes.

Ideas are always welcome as well as any and all constructive criticism.


Kid Tunes on the App Store

Kid Tunes on Empoc Media