First and foremost, loving the new Mac App Store. The Mac App Store makes it very easy to find new apps at great deals and also makes it easy to keep track of updates, etc…

The Mac App Store is a great tool not only for consumers but even more so for developers. Being a developer myself I find it very simple to have a central location that I can submit my Mac applications to and not have to worry about any of the backend processing such as merchant accounts, refunds, updates, etc…

The downside is when a consumer has an issue downloading one of your apps. There isn’t much you can do short of telling them they must contact Apple. Well, if I was a consumer and had an issue downloading an app after I had already paid for it, then I would expect the app developer to help me with the issue. I have recently encountered an issue with a consumer that tried to download an update to one of my apps. After attempting the download the consumer was greeted with the very generic error message, An Error has occurred…

In this post I am going to show you how to fix this error message. In my opinion this error occurs because of some Meta Data issue.

There are 2 possibilities for fixing this issue, one of which involves deleting all the content from the AppStore folder and the other involves the terminal and running a command line tool to enable debugging for the Mac App Store.

Solution Number 1: Deleting all content from the AppStore folder

  • Sign out of the Mac App Store by clicking on Store->Sign Out from the App Store Menu
  • Quit the Mac App Store App
  • Open Finder and browse to ~/Library/Application Support/AppStore/ (Where ~ is your home folder) If you don’t know how to get to your home folder you can open up Macintosh HD double click on the Users folder and then double click on your username and then follow the rest of the path or you can from the Finder menu click on Go and then click on Go To Folder and copy and paste the above path.
  • Once you are within the AppStore folder, select everything and move it to the Trash
  • Start the Mac App Store App
  • Sign into the Mac App Store by clicking on Store->Sign In from the App Store Menu

After signing in, you should see your downloads resuming and hopefully everything will go smoothly and you will not have to witness the “An Error has occurred” error message.

Solution Number 2: Enable Debugging for the Mac App Store

  • Open Terminal either by navigating to Applications/Utilities/Terminal or by pressing Command+SpaceBar and typing Terminal into Spotlight
  • At the prompt type the following: defaults write com.apple.appstore ShowDebugMenu -bool true
  • Relaunch the Mac App Store
  • Choose the menu item Debug Menu->Reset App
  • Choose the menu item Debug Menu->Check for Available Downloads

Solution 2, seems like a much cleaner way to fix the issue, especially moving forward. With Solution 2, you only have to set the debugging once and then if you experience the problem again you can just do Reset App and Check for Available Downloads.

Did you find this post useful? Did this fix your issue? Do you have any alternate fixes to the same problem? I’d like to hear from you, please comment below. Have a great weekend everyone..

I’ve recently released an app; iOS Icons, on the app store. The app has been doing well and a lot of people have found great use for this tool. I’ve recently started receiving reviews for iOS Icons on the Mac App Store with 2 reviews being completely inappropriate and just plain wrong. Here are some screen shots of the reviews and a link to iOS Icons on the Mac App Store:

Link to iOS Icons on the Mac App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ios-icons/id413612688?mt=12#

Screen Shot of Review:

Here is a description as posted on the Mac App Store:

The original dev tool for creating all iOS device icons. Simple to use. Just drag your 512×512 image file into the app and click on preview to instantly see how your icons will look in all available sizes.

The reason that I made iOS icons is because I wanted an app that was similar to Icon Composer which does its job well but only generates the icon set for Mac Apps and not any of the required resolutions for any of the iOS devices.

Supports PSD, PNG, TIFF, BMP, JPEG and many other file formats.

Once your icons are saved you can import them into Xcode.

Version 1.1 has been submitted to the App Store to provide additional requested features ( Icon Names and Rounded Corners and Glass Preview )

Now I would think that if anyone took the time to read the description and maybe even looked at the screen shot of the App then it should be clear as to what the purpose of this app is. The issue I have with reviews like this is that you have no way to fight it. You can submit a concern / issue to Apple about it but there is no guarantee that they will even check into it, let alone do something about it.

That review with 1 star hurt my overall star review, I should have 4 stars but instead I have 3 1/2 stars. This will most likely discourage some people to even look at the app further. As developers we should at least have a way to comment on a review because honestly, some of these reviews are just not fair and some of them as is with this case are completely irrelevant.

I may come across as ranting here, but I needed to say something about it where people could see. Hopefully the complaint I filed with Apple will have some affect and they will consider removing the review but I’m not holding my breath.

What do you guys think? Are you  a developer that has received an unfair or blatantly irrelevant review for one of your apps? What have you done to try and correct the situation?