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This page is dedicated to my projects which are mostly applications or scripts I have developed that I’d like to share with my readers. It gives me great pleasure to give back to the community. All the scripts and applications on this page have been developed by me and are freely available to download and distribute, If you decide to re-distribute any of my applications please give credit. If you find any of these applications useful then please consider sending me a donation.

Note: You are not allowed to use any of these free applications for commercial use. Selling of my applications is also forbidden.

Mac OS X Applications

wiiosx_iconWiiOSx – WiiOSx is an application for Mac OS X 10.5 that allows you to easily create backup’s of your backed up Wii games. It’s easy to use interface makes it very simple to use, so that anyone with limited Mac knowledge can use it. Simply insert you backed up Wii game disc and choose a location where you would like to save the ISO and click on Backup Wii game, it’s that easy. The application is built around the dd utility which comes standard with any Mac OS X 10.5 installation. For help, support, troubleshooting, feature requests or bug reports please visit the applications website.

Website: http://www.wiiosx.com

  WiiOSx (165.2 KiB, 1,649 hits)

ktxdbWiiOSx Tool – WiiOSx Tool is a step up from WiiOSx in that it allows you to actually backup original Wii game discs using your Wii as the DVD drive and sending the ISO image over the network. No more trying to insert a Wii game disc into your Mac and having it not recognized or being auto ejected. Not only does this application make a backup of your Wii game but it also has built in utilities for formatting your SD Card, installing the Homebrew Channel to run homebrew apps, and allowing  you to downgrade your Wii’s version to version 3.2.

Website: http://www.wiiosx.com

  WiiOSx Tool (10.0 MiB, 4,166 hits)

ISOx360 Logo 256x256

ISOx360 – ISOx360 is a tool for, yup you guessed it… burning XBOX 360 ISO’s. The tool is designed to keep things simple by implementing a user friendly UI. Not only does ISOx360 burn ISO’s but it also verifies their stealth information using a modified command line version of abgx360. ISOx360 couldn’t be easier to use, just launch the application, open up your ISO… it will auto verify, insert your media and click Burn. If you have any issues with the application then please click on the Debug Tab in ISOx360 and click the Feedback Button.

NOTE: ISOx360 is no longer support and will no longer be available for download as of 6/21/11. I have developed a new app ISO Burn that will be available on the Mac App Store sometime mid-July. I’ve made a post about ISO Burn here http://chris-fletcher.com/2011/06/20/new-app-from-empoc-media-iso-burn/ click on the link to read more about it. ISO Burn WILL NOT be a replacement for ISOX360 and will not offer any ability to verify XBOX360 disc images. It will however perfectly burn XBOX360 images as well as many others.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support, ISOx360 had a great run at just over 20,000 downloads that I count from this blog alone. I hope that everyone finds ISO Burn just as useful and easy to use as ISOx360.

WordPress Plugins

Widget Bucks Sidebar Plugin – The Widget Bucks Sidebar plugin allows you to enter the UID of the generated Widget Bucks ad code and will display the WidgetBucks ad on your Sidebar. Easy to configure, just click on appearance then widgets and click add on the WidgetBucks widget, then on the widget click settings, enter a title and the UID of the ad code.

Download: Widgetbucks Plugin

Google Analytics Stats – The Google Analytics Stats plugin shows a graph of 3 google analytics metrics in the dashboard. The 3 metrics are Page Views, Visits and New Visits. Future implementations will include more metrics and more configurable options.

Download: Google Analytics Stats 1.1

Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets

Binary Watch Widget – I was actually working on a blog post about how to read a binary watch, when I thought that it would be the ultimate Mac Geek widget to have in your collection. How cool would it be to have a binary watch widget. So as I often do when I have an idea, I execute immediately. I started right away to develop the Binary Watch Dashboard Widget and I must say, I think it turned out really nice.

Download: Binary Watch.wdgt

Update: 2/11/10 – The Binary Watch Widget is now available as an iPhone App, you can download it for free from the App Store by clicking on the following link. http://itunes.com/apps/BinaryWatch Enjoy, and let me know what you guys think.

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