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So in an attempt to run multiple self hosted blogs, I found that it is very difficult to use wordpress.com stats, having to get a new API key for each blog and signing up for a new wordpress.com account each time.

I thought that Google Analytics was pretty easy and provides me with the metrics that I like to view so I created a dashboard plugin with an admin interface to configure the 3 parameters that are required. Those being, GMail Username, GMail Password, and Google Analytics Profile Name

Below is a screen shot of the admin interface as well as the plugin in action:


Google Analytics Stats - Admin

Google Analytics Stats - Admin

Google Analytics Stats - Dashboard

Google Analytics Stats - Dashboard


So here it is, click the link to download: Google Analytics Stats

The plugin is easy to setup just go to the Google Analytics Stats under settings and enter your gmail username and password and then the profile name of the metrics you want to show.

Comments and donations are always welcome :)


Google Analytics Stats just got better, I have made a few feature enhancements. The updates are listed below:

- Control the line graphs being displayed on your chart. You can now choose which of the 3 metrics you want to display in your chart.

- Choose if you would like to show animation of the line graphs as they display on your chart. This feature was requested by a user, he wanted to have the option to turn off the animation.

Download Version 1.1 of Google Analytics Stats here Google Analytics Stats 1.1.

If you like this Version of the Plugin you should check out my Deluxe Version of Google Analytics Stats, check it out here.



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