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As a computer technician I have had a lot of people bring in virus and spyware infected PC’s and they all seem to have 1 thing in common… Limewire.

Here is the deal with Limewire, it is a free P2P sharing program, what this means is that everyone in the world that has music, movies, games, etc… on their home computer can use Limewire to share their files with the rest of the world. In a perfect world this should be safe, but there are lots of people out there that infect files that they are sharing with viruses and spyware. So Limewire is just not safe, furthermore, most ISP’s are now monitoring the ports that these P2P programs are running on, so if you are sharing something that is copyrighted then you could be banned from your ISP.

Doesn’t sound like its worth all the hassle to me, thankfully there is an alternative and its not torrents. Let’s talk about binary newsgroups. I will share with you the tools and websites you can use to successfully download just about anything from movies to songs to games, etc…

The way downloading from binary newsgroups works is this:

  1. You need three things, a site to search for files, a server to download from and a newsreader that can open NZB files. Most if not all of these things cost money but you shouldn’t have to spend more then $20.00 / month to obtain everything needed to keep you downloading safe and not to mention fast.

There are 2 websites that you will need to sign up with in order to make this happen. They are listed below:

http://v3.newzbin.com – To search for binary files ( movies, music, shows, etc… )

  • Unfortunately at the time of this writing you can only sign up for an account with newzbin if you receive an invitation from another member. You are more then welcome to send me e-mails and / or comments and I will give out invitations at my discretion as they become available to me.

http://www.newsdemon.com – You will need to signup for this site.

  • Pricing at the time of this writing is $17.99 / month for unlimited downloads.

You will also need some sort of newsreader. Here are a few

  • http://www.panic.com/unison – This is a newsreader for Mac, they offer a trial download and after that expires you have to purchase the full version for $24.95. Here’s a quick tip, download unison, then go to newzbin and do a search for Unison
  • http://www.shemes.com – This is a newsreader for Windows, they advertise it as free. I haven’t tried it much since I have a  Mac but it looks very simple to use.

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