Keyless Entry, Is It For You ?


Using your fingerprint to open a lock?!  These are all the rage among homebuyers. Would you like to have a keyless lock on your house? I suppose you can always loose your key, but you always have your finger.

What are your concerns? Are you afraid someone may want to chop your finger off to enter you home? Do you feel this is more or less secure than the old fashioned key lock? Are you afraid that someone may steal your fingerprints?

What benefit would you think this has for your children to use instead of giving them a house key? Did you know that you can program people to allow them temporary access during specific times. Who would this be good for? Do you see any problems with this?

Axxis Biometrics has all of your Keyless Entry / Biometric Authentication needs.

What is biometrics? Biometrics is an automated method of identifying and authenticating a  person based on a physiological characteristic. In the case of AxxisBiometrics, a person’s fingerpint is the physiological characteristic that is used as the primary locking mechanism.

Why should I choose biometric fingerprint technology?

Fingerprint technology represents the largest and most proven segment of the Biometrics Industry today. Fingerprints are no longer James Bond technology that only the FBI or CIA use. In many cases it is more cost-effective, convenient, and reliable than traditional locking systems. You can use it for your home and/or your business. And you don’t need an engineering degree to make it work!

How will fingerprint door locks increase my security?

Unlike keys, passwords, security cards, etc., your fingerprint cannot be lost, shared, or duplicated.

What are the limitations of fingerprint door locks?

While fingerprint door locks prevent loss and improve overall security, they are not without quirks or exceptions. Specifically, before purchasing a fingerprint keyless lock, you should consider the following: number of users, temperature requirements, cleanliness of fingers, FAR and FRR (see product specifications for details).

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