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I’ve recently had the pleasure of coming across Songbird. It behaves similar to iTunes and even supports syncing to your iPod without too much trouble you can set it up to be your primary music application.

Better yet Songbird will run on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, it has a number of features such as:

Media Importing
Media Playback
Gapless Playback and Replay Gain
Album Artwork
Watch Folders
Smart Playlists
Web Browser 
Cross Platform
Multi Language Support
Automatic Updates
Setup Assistant
Custom UI
Library Management
Developer Support

Some future features will include the following:

Device Support for iPod Touch and Microsoft Zune
Metadata Management
Performance and Stability Enhancements

My next posting will be a comprehensive tutorial on how to manage your iPod using Songbird. Until then give it a try. You can download songbird here http://www.getsongbird.com

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