How To: Install Themes On WordPress 2.8


I was going to do a video tutorial on this at first but after checking out WordPress 2.8 and discovering how easy it is to add themes now, I decided to just write up a quick how to.

So back on WordPress 2.7 we used to have to download a zip file with all of the theme files archived and then extract the zip file, upload it to the themes folder and then go to wordpress and enable the theme, that’s the short version.

Now on Worpdress 2.8 it is much simpler to add / change your themes. Let’s take a quick look at how simple it is to install a theme.


  1. Begin by logging into your WordPress Admin Area
  2. Once logged in, find the appearance panel on the left hand side.Appearance Panel  
  3. Click on Add New Themes and you should be presented with a screen similar to the one belowWordpress 2.8 - Add New Themes  
  4. From here you can choose to either upload your own theme or search for one on WordPress. I’ve tried out this new search feature and I have to say, I like it. So lets go ahead and search for a theme on WordPress. I’m going to put a check mark in 3-column since I want a 3 column theme and then click on Find Themes
  5. When the search result display’s you’ll have 3 different links you can click on, Preview, Details, and Install
  6. When you find the one you like simply click on Install
  7. You’ll get another pop up window, click on Install Now
  8. If you haven’t entered the information in already, WordPress will ask you for your FTP account information. Go ahead and fill this out and click on proceed.
  9. Now you have 3 options, Preview, Activate, or Return to Theme Installer, if you’d like to see what your blog will look like with the new theme, then go ahead and click on preview, otherwise click Activate to activate the new theme.
  10. Your new theme is now Activated

I think that the WordPress team has done a wonderful job adding this feature into the admin area. It really does make for a seamless theme installation and leaves no room for error. I am still exploring the new version of WordPress, but so far I think this is the coolest new feature for WordPress.

Just a quick note, if you’ve downloaded a theme somewhere else and you’d like to install it on your WordPress 2.8 blog then all you have to do is follow the same steps as above but click on Upload Theme instead and browse to the zip file you’ve downloaded.

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