Google Chrome for Mac OS X


I’ve had the pleasure of downloading the Developer Release of Google’s new browser, chrome. Right when you launch the application it notifies you that its not appropriate for general consumer use and that the bookmark and password import as well as certain privacy features are not functional yet, but hey who needs those features, all of us Mac users are eager to try out the new browser.

At first glance the browser looks very plain with a view of your six most visited sites similar to version 4 of Safari that was just recently released by Apple.

One of the first things I noticed that I like is that unlike all the other browsers, Chrome does not ask you if you’d like to make it the default browser, instead it adds an option in the Basics Preference pane that allows you to set it as a default browser.

Here’s another cool feature, well at least I think so, If you click on File and then click on New Incognito Window, chrome opens a new browser window that allows you to browse privately, meaning that the new browser window will not store pages you visit in your browser history or search history and they won’t leave other traces, like cookies.

So far Google Chrome for Mac OS X seems to be stable and fast. It does not yet seem to have support for Flash and there seems to be no way to add plugins. All in all though its nice to know that Google is actively working on a version for of Google Chrome for Mac OS X.

If you’d like to download the developer version, you can click on the link below.


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