Mac or PC ?


The choice is simple :-)


Mac or PC ?

Mac or PC ?

So you’re wondering if you should get a Mac or a PC ? Perhaps you already own a PC and are thinking of switching to a Mac ? Consider the image above, pretty self explanatory that a Mac would be a huge space saver and would also keep you from cluttered cables.

Cluttered cables while a good reason, is not the only reason to help you make a decision. In my own opinion Macs are far superior to PC’s, especially when it comes to stability.

Consider this, Mac has software that will allow you to run any version of Windows in parallel with the Mac Operating systems, so you can run Mac OSX and Windows XP / Windows Vista at the same time !!! As of this writing there is no software on the market that will allow you to run anything mac on a PC running windows. So if you want to limit yourself to a single operating system, then purchase a PC, but if you want limitless possibilities then Mac is the way to go.

Everyone says that Mac’s aren’t capable of contracting viruses from the internet, this is simply a myth. Any operating system can be infected with a virus but because Mac OSX runs on-top of Darwin a BSD Unix system, it is better protected against harmful viruses and spyware.

The list goes on, but I think I’ve covered the most important bits of information.

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