How To: Take A Screen Shot With A Mac



So if you used to be or are still an avid Windows user and are trying to take a screen shot on a Mac, then you are probably a little lost because you can’t find the Print Screen Key…

Well luckily for you there is this tutorial that will show you not only 1 but 3 different ways to take screen shots with a Mac.

  • Shift + Command + 3 – This combination will capture the entire desktop and save it as a file on your desktop as picture(number)
  • Shift + Command + 4 – This combination will turn your mouse pointer into a cross and allow you to click and drag a box around the area that you would like to capture. After you let go of the mouse button an image will be saved to the desktop as picture(number). If you are not happy with your selection or you would like your mouse pointer back, just press the Esc key on your keyboard .
  • Shift + Command + 4 then press spacebar - This will allow you to select which window you would like to capture and again will save a file to your desktop as picture(number).

In my opinion, I think that Apple has once again proven their innovation by being simplistic.

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