Ten Great Applications for your TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator


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Here are ten great applications you can download from the Texas Instruments Web site:

  1. Advanced Finance: This program turns your calculator into a financial calculator.
  2. Cabri Jr.: This is an interactive, dynamic, geometry program that allows you to export geometric figures between the calculator and the Cabri Geometry II Plus software for Windows.
  3. Catalog Help: This handy program gives you the syntax for entering the argument required by a calculator function.
  4. CellSheet: This program turns your calculator into a spreadsheet. If you also download the fre TI CellSheet Converter software, then you can transfer your spreadsheet files between your calculator and Microsoft Excel or AppleWorks.
  5. GeoMaster: This is a geometry program that will draw circles, triangles, and polygons. It will also make measurements and perform geometric transformations.
  6. Inequality Graphing: As the name implies, this program will graph inequalities.
  7. NoteFolio: This program turns your calculator into a word processor. Because using the calculator keys is more difficult than typing on a keyboard, I suggest purchasing a TI Keyboard so you can key in words the way you do on a computer. And don’t forget to download the NoteFolio Creator software so you can transfer files between the calculator and Microsoft Word.
  8. Organizer: This program is a personal organizer in which you can schedule events, create to-do lists, and save phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
  9. Probability Simulation: This program simulates rolling dice, tossing coins, spinning a spinner, or drawing a card from a deck of cards.
  10. StudyCards: This program creates electronic flash cards. Be sure also to download the free TI StudyCard Creator software that allows you to create the flash cards on your PC.


The following steps tell you how to download application programs from the Texas Instruments Web site. To download and install applications, follow 

these steps: 

1. Go to the Texas Instruments Web site that is located at www.education.ti.com. 

2. In the “Know what you’re looking for?” drop-down menu, select “Apps & OS versions.” 

3. Click the type of calculator you have. 

4. Click the application you want to download. 

5. Click Download Instructions and read them. The Download Instructions are the same for each application. So you need read them only once. 

6. Click the Guidebook to download it. Save the application Guidebook (manual) on your computer, or print it. 

7. Click Download under the picture of the calculator and follow the directions you’re given. Make a note of the directory in which you save the file you download. After you accept the License Agreement, you’re asked to Log In. If you aren’t a member of the site, sign up — it’s free. 

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