Backup and Burn Wii Games on a Mac


NOTE: This will only work with backup copies of Wii Games, there is currently no support for the internal DVD drives that come standard in any Mac for reading original Wii discs.

I was surprised to find the lack of tutorials on the internet showing you how to backup and burn your Wii Games on a Mac. So after figuring it out myself, I thought I would share it with everyone else. Following my tutorial you will see how easy it is to backup your Wii Game and Burn it, using only the tools that come pre-installed on your Mac.

NEW: Check out my new post on Backing Up Your Wii Game. I developed an Application. WiiOSx


Backing Up Your Wii Game:

  • Insert your Wii Game into your Mac’s DVD drive. Since the Mac cannot interpret the filesystem that the Wii Games use it will think that you inserted a blank disc. You should see a popup similar to the following. Click on Ignore
You Inserted a blank DVD

You Inserted a blank DVD

  • Open Terminal, it’s located in Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal
  • After Terminal launches you should type the following drutil status. Then press Enter, you should have a screen with information similar to the following screen shot.
Wii - drutil status

Wii - drutil status

  • If you look at the output from drutil, I highlighted in blue the information that we will need to use from the output. What you are looking at is the path to your DVD drive. In my case the path is /dev/disk1
  • Next you will need to type the following command dd if=/dev/disk1 of=/MarioKart.iso where if= is the path to your DVD drive and of= is the path and name to save the image file as. Press enter after typing in this line. On my Mac the process takes approximately 15 min. There is no progress bar so just be patient.
  • When the program is done, you should see output similar to the following screenshot.
Wii - Output from dd

Wii - Output from dd

  • At this point you can type the following drutil eject . This will eject your Wii game from your Mac’s DVD drive. You should now have an ISO image of your Wii Game, and if you followed my tutorial your game should be located at the root of your Macintosh Hard Drive. That’s it, that’s all it takes to make a backup of a Wii Game.

Backing Up Your Wii Game Overview:

  1. Insert the Wii Game disc into your DVD drive.
  2. Click Ignore
  3. Open Terminal ( Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal
  4. Type drutil status ( Get the Name i.e. /dev/disk1 )
  5. Type dd if=/path_to_dvd of=/game_name.iso and wait 15 min
  6. Type drutil eject to eject your game.


Burning Your Wii Game:

  • Open Disk Utility, it’s located in Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility. When Disk Utility opens, you should see something similar to the screenshot below.
Wii - Disk Utility

Wii - Disk Utility

  • Once Disk Utility Loads, click on Burn, you will be presented with a browse dialog. At this point you need to browse to the location where your ISO file is and click on it and then click Burn. If you don’t already have a blank disc in the drive, you will be prompted to insert one. I recommend DVD-R’s. These have worked for me 9 times out of 10

Hopefully everyone found this tutorial useful, don’t be fooled by all of these commercial programs out there that want your hard earned dollars, just to do something that you can do for free and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t backup Wii Games on a Mac.

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