Pretty Busy Lately


In the last few months I’ve been really busy with many different projects and sometimes I’m not sure that there is enough time in the day. It would be wonderful to have 30 hour days instead of 24, that would give me an extra 6 hours to get things done. So, anyways I just wanted to write a quick post to share what’s been going on in my life lately, nothing to personal or detailed but just a high level overview of what’s been going on.

Here’s a short list:

  • Getting Married
  • Book Reviews
  • Technical Reviews
  • Empoc Media
  • Designing New Apps
  • Updating Existing Apps
  • Learning 3D ( Anatomy, Modeling, Animation, etc… )
  • Learning Unity and Torque, not sure yet which one I like better.
  • Planning a new iPhone / iPad game
  • Planning a new Mac game

The list looks short but I can tell you that these are very time consuming tasks. So… I’m getting married in July on the beach in Hawaii :) could it get any better? That’s all I’m sharing about that. You may have noticed an abundance of book reviews on the blog lately. This has been keeping me pretty busy and is going to become more frequent. A while ago I was asked by a publisher if I would write reviews about certain technical books and post them on my blog, and in return I would receive a copy of the book. This sound like a pretty nice deal and in return I can provide my readers with reviews for books that might interest them.

I’ve also signed up with a publisher to be a technical reviewer for books dealing with Objective-C / Cocoa / iOS / C++ / PHP / ASP / pretty much anything web related or mac related and anything to do with 3D gaming. I have just received and reviewed my first 2 chapters of an upcoming title. They have already sent me the next 3 chapters to review. I’m hoping to be doing many more of these type of reviews.

Empoc Media, a company I started for app development for iOS and Mac apps is moving at a quick pace. It’s still a one man operation and will probably be like that for a little while longer but my hopes are to one day turn this into a fully operational game development company.

I’ve been designing quite a few apps that are currently present on the Mac App Store, all of which you can read more about on http://empoc.com, I will continue to develop innovative apps for the Mac App Store, provided I find the right amount of time :)

It’s great to have a lot of apps in the App Store but that also means supporting and updating each one of them. This has become my number 1 time consumer. Sometimes it can take a while to roll out new updates or provide bug fixes for new issues.

I have recently had the opportunity to revisit a subject that I had originally explored about 2 years ago when I wrote a tutorial on starting out with Unity 3D. When I first started looking into Unity 3D I thought to myself that this doesn’t look so complicated and I should be able to easily make a game. Well, that was not the case and I was in way over my head. Not having any 3D modeling, lighting, terrain, anatomy, animation, etc… knowledge there was no way I could have pulled that off. I am now taking a different approach and I’m planning on becoming a Blender guru and learn everything there is to learn about 3D modeling before I ever move back into Unity 3D. Unity 3D is powerful gaming engine and with the right 3D experience and creativity, it should be possible to produce a great game.

I’ve got some great ideas for a new iPhone / iPad game as well as a game for the Mac. I’m not ready though to share any information just yet, but will be posting info here and on Empoc when I’m further along.

Well, so that’s what’s been going on in my life lately and what will likely continue for quite some time. Hopefully I haven’t bored you guys too much. Take care and have a great week.

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