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About 5 days ago I moved chris-fletcher.com to a brand new, faster server. Thanks to all of my readers my page views have been well over 900 per day and the blog had finally outgrown the current server. I decided that it was time to move the blog to a new server. I quickly acquired a new server to host the blog on and started transferring all of the files for this blog and for some of my other websites that I was hosting. The transfer took about 8 hours total.

After the transfer, I tested everything to make sure the blog was accessible as well as all of the posts. Everything tested fine so I switched the name servers to point to the new server. Everything still seemed to work fine at this point although I started noticing some decrease in page views. I figured it had to do with the name server changes and propagation times, so I decided to give it another day or two.

Well after 4 days, the page views plummeted to the 500′s, 300′s, 200′s and even down to double digit numbers. At this point I started to become very frustrated as I’m sure many of you did as well. I couldn’t figure out what the issue was until it dawned on me today to check the permalinks. Well, that turned out to be the issue. The permalinks needs a .htaccess file to rewrite the URL and that particular .htaccess file did not get moved to the new server.

I recreated that .htaccess file and voila everything started working again and the page views are starting to go up again, slowly but surely. So for the most part I am writing this post to apologize to all of my readers for not being able to access all of the blog posts and to everyone who has linked to my blog and has received complaints about broken links and to everyone else that has had an issue being able to get to blog posts.

I also want to say thanks to all of my readers.

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