Easy PHP Guestbook Part 1 – Does my server meet the minimum requirements ?



Just thought I would share some of my php knowledge with the rest of the world and cover a much asked about topic with a simple step by step tutorial.

This tutorial will be divided into parts starting with how to check and ensure that your server meets the minimum requirements to host a guestbook.

To start with you should make sure that you have a host that supports php as well as mysql.

Here’s a quick way you can check if your server supports php and mysql

Create a new file and call it phpinfo.php and place the following code in it.


Upload this file to your servers root folder and point your browser to it, so for example if I uploaded this file into my servers root folder I would point my browser to the following.


First, if your server supports php, then it will run this file and output information related to your php configuration, search for mysql on this page, if its there then the server supports it. 

This concludes Part 1 of the tutorial.

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