So, I’m not sure how many of you have iPhones, I’m sure a lot of you have Mac’s and out of those of you that have Mac’s I’m not sure how many of you have had a chance to check out my Binary Watch Widget for Mac OS X.

Well, I recently started developing apps for the iPhone, so my first app that I submitted to the App Store for approval was a port of my Binary Watch Widget to the iPhone, which got approved about a week later and you can download that for free from the App Store. From your iPhone you just go to the App Store and search for Binary Watch.

The Binary Watch was my very first iPhone App and is pretty basic in design and functionality but it does as its title implies, it displays the current time in binary format. I wrote a tutorial here a few months ago on how to read a Binary Watch as well.

Given the basic design and lack of functionality of the Binary Watch iPhone App, I was inspired to develop a more robust Binary Watch App and so A Geek Clock was born. A Geek Clock displays binary time in a beautiful array of brightly colored LED’s taking up most of the iPhones screen real estate. A Geek Clock also has a few settings to choose from to allow for a more customized experience. For instance, you can select a color for the LED lights and you can also choose between a 12 and 24 hour time format.

A Geek Clock also allows you to enable or disable a learning mode feature which basically displays the current time on the screen and describes what the LED’s represent in a 10 base counting system. You also have the option to override the iPhones Auto Lock feature so that you can keep the clock on at all times.

You can check out more information and some screen shots of A Geek Clock on my new website Empoc Media. If you haven’t read about my new company yet, you can read about it in this blog post My New Company.

Also, for anyone willing to write a fair and honest review of A Geek Clock on the App Store, I will give a promotional code to, to download A Geek Clock for free, otherwise its $ .99 and I’m only charging so that I can further my development and come up with better applications that everyone will enjoy.

Just to keep all the readers informed, I thought I’d share with you that I’ve now started a software development company. The companies name is Empoc Media and will be primarily used to develop applications for Apple devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, the upcoming iPad, Mac OS X, etc…

When I started developing applications and scripts, I would normally just post them on my blog here.  Lately, I’ve been moving more and more towards application development and I don’t want this blog to turn into a site to download apps, and therefore I decided to start a completely separate company that will be responsible for hosting applications.

The applications that are currently listed on the blog will remain on the blog, primarily because there are so many back links from numerous websites and it just wouldn’t be good practice to pull all the apps from the blog and let the back links go down the path towards a black hole. Instead, for each application that is listed on my blog, when the application is updated, I will have a link to the updated application from the original applications blog listing to the location of where the updated application is hosted.

One more thing I’d like to share. What I’m about to say was not an easy decision to make but was one that needed to be made. All of the applications I have developed to date have been available as freeware but because of the amount of effort and time that goes into each application and the limited amount of time that is available to me, I will have to charge for any new releases of current software as well as new applications that are developed, however, I will not be charging some ridiculous price of $39.95. Instead my applications will be priced within the $4.99 – $14.99 price range.

If you’d like to take some time and check out Empoc Media, here is a link that will get you there http://empoc.com

Well, I’m at it again, after developing the ISOx360 and Wii Tools, I thought about what else might be a useful tool for all of the fellow Mac OS X users out there. One thing that came to mind was that most of the HD content that can be found on the internet is usually in MKV format.

I wont cover the MKV format in-depth, just know that it is a container and not a codec, similar to how an AVI can be encoded as a divx or an xvid, an MKV file can use many different codecs. Most commonly MKV files contain the H.264 / X.264 codec for Video and the DTS / AC3 codec for audio.

The other thing you need to know about MKV files and HD content is that a typical 720P MKV file using an H.264 codec has a max bit-rate of about 9000, currently the AppleTV can only support 720P content with a Video bit-rate of up to 5000. If this limitation didn’t exist we could easily transcode the file to an MP4 / M4V container, but because of the Video limitation, we need to re-encode the file at a lower bit-rate. Don’t worry about quality, I haven’t seen any noticeable decrease in quality when re-encoding.

So, enough with the tech talk, you’re probably wondering, the title of the post is Convert MKV to MP4 on a Mac, so I’ll get on with it. The application that I’ve developed makes this an easy 1 step process. You load the MKV file, choose a save location for the new MP4 file, pick a few options and click convert. When its done, you can copy the MP4 file to your AppleTV / iTunes and enjoy great quality HD content.

Note: My application will also remove subtitles and convert any DTS audio track to AC3 so that you can keep all the surround sound. The thing is, to enjoy the surround sound, you’ll have to use the optical output on your AppleTV and have a receiver that can correctly decode the audio, along with a nice set of surround sound speakers.

You can download a trial of the application below, it will work exactly 10 times before it is rendered useless at which point you will have to purchase it, but don’t worry I kept the price cheap, only $14.95.

Download :

  Click to Download the MKV2AppleTV Trial (9.4 MiB, 2,004 hits)

Click to Purchase an MKV2AppleTV License