So I went out and bought an XBOX 360 the other day and the first think I did after opening the box of course, is, I took it apart to have a look at the guts. I purchased the Arcade version of the 360 which came with a Lite-On DVD drive, and so the search began.

Being new to the whole XBOX community I had no idea how to go about modding it so that I can play backup’s and the tutorials on the internet are not very descriptive for a new comer. So I found a few sites with some good information and found all the tools I needed after hours of searching.

So now I’d like to give back to the community and write a very simple easy to understand tutorial, as well as providing you with all of the necessary tools and show you how to flash mod the xbox 360 to play copied games. It should be noted that this is an xbox 360 liteon drive mod and wont work for any of the other DVD drives.

This mod is considered a soft mod for the XBOX 360 and will allow you to mod the xbox 360 without a mod chip. This is done by flashing the firmware of your xbox 360 dvd-drive.

Required Software:

  • ixtreme_15.rar – Download this file, it has everything we need in it. Thanks to ixtreme we can save ourselves a lot of time.

Required Hardware:

  • A PC with an available SATA port as well as a COM ( DB-9 / Serial ) port.
  • TX Probe, Scroll down for a schematic on how to build one, or pay me $20.00 and I’ll send you one.


  • Disassemble the XBOX 360 and take out the DVD Drive – Look for a tutorial on YouTube

There are 4 Steps to this tutorial, they are:

  1. Building The TX Probe ( approximately 30 min. depending on experience )
  2. Preparing Your XBOX 360 DVD Drive ( approximately 15 min. depending on experience )
  3. Key Dumping ( approximately 5 min. depending on experience )
  4. Flashing ( approximately 5 min. depending on experience )

Total Time:

  • Disassemble XBOX 360 — 30 min
  • Follow My Tutorial — 55 min
  • Reassemble XBOX 360 — 20 min
  • Playing Any Game You Want — Timeless !! :)

Building The TX Probe:

For your convenience I have hyperlinked all the parts back to their respective Radio Shack links.

TX Probe Schematic

TX Probe Schematic

Parts List:

Tools List:

Optional ( To Make It Look Nice ):

  • Enclosure
  • PC Board

(All of these parts should be readily available at Radio Shack)

Note: Don’t want to build one yourself ? or can’t seem to do it right ? Purchase one from me. I’m selling them for $40.00 each.

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Preparing The XBOX 360 DVD Drive:

Before we can do anything else we need to make sure that the XBOX 360′s DVD drive is half open. To do this push the eject button on the XBOX and after the drive is fully open remove the connection cable from the back of the drive and then push the tray until it is half open. DO NOT RECONNECT THE CABLE YET.

Before we reconnect the cable we need to remove pin 3. This pin controls the opening / closing of the tray. With this pin removed the XBOX will not be able to eject or close the drive tray.

Now that we have the DVD drive set the way we want we can move on to the next step.

Key Dumping:

Connect your XBOX 360′s DVD drive via the SATA cable to your computers SATA port and power on your drive. If you are powering your drive from the XBOX 360, then make sure that you removed Pin 3 from the connection cable before turning the 360 on.

Back of DVD Drive

Assuming that you’ve already downloaded ixtreme_1.5.rar we can move right along and open up jungleflasher.exe which you can find in the JungleFlasher .26 BETA folder within the folder that has the extracted contents of ixtreme_1.5.rar

Probing TX Point

Probing TX Point

  • Go to the DVDKey32 tab and go through the I/O ports until you see the info for your liteon drive under drive properties.
  • Make sure your drive is ejected and pushed in half way. Select your COM port, connect your TX Probe and probe to the Tx (R707) point while pressing the Get Key Button.
  • Save all the files to a folder

Note: If you get an error saying your hardware isn’t working. check over the adapter make sure everything is correct. try testing it with a multimeter. If all else fails, you may need to buy/build a “proper” max232/max3232 adapter.

If the above step worked, dump the key another two times just to be sure you get the same key! and SAVE ALL THE BIN FILES TO A DISK OR USB STICKTHIS IS YOUR BACKUP LIFELINE.

  • Go to the FirmwareTool32 tab and click Load From Dump Files.
  • Select the files you saved previously, and chose where to save the dummy.bin
  • Click Open Target Firmware and select ix15-liteon.bin which you extracted from ixtreme_1.5.rar. It should show YOUR KEY in the box
  • Press Spoof Source to Target and save your CFW.bin

You should now have the keys dumped, and your new firmware spoofed. We can now proceed to the next and final step.


Now that we have everything prepared, we can flash the firmware of the DVD drive. Up until now we have not modified anything on the DVD drive. If you want you can put your XBOX 360 back together right now and it will still work.

Although its almost impossible to brick your drive with this method, there’s still that 1% chance that something can go wrong. Please know that I am not responsible for what happens to your 360. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself then scroll down to the bottom and read my instructions for sending me your XBOX 360 so that I can do the mod for you.

  • Turn your DVD drive off and then back on, then go to the MTK Flash 32 tab. select the sata port which displays the info for your liteon.
  • Press Lite-On-Erase.
  • Once you see the “…” quickly turn your drive off and back on.
  • When that’s finished it should display xx72 and some flash information. this means your drive is ready to be flashed!
  • Click the Write button. It should flash and verify all 4 sectors. if all goes well you are done!

Hopefully just as with my other tutorials, you have enjoyed this one or at least found it useful or helpful. Well as always if I left something out or there’s something I could simplify then leave me a comment and I’d be happy to edit the tutorial.

Purchase TX Probe:

$40.00 is all it will cost you, the TX Probe is required for Flashing Lite-On DVD drives since the drives keys need to be dumped and spoofed.

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Purchase XBOX 360 Mod:

$50.00 Flat Fee To Mod ANY Version of the XBOX 360

Price Includes, MODDING of 360′s DVD Drive, CD containing your DVD Drives Orginal Firmware, Key, Identify and Inquiry .bin files, and one (1) backup game of your choice!

NOTE: Your Xbox360 will have to be opened to apply the hack which WILL VOID your Warranty if you have one, or you can take the Warranty sticker off under the faceplate (some are small and silver, others are a big white/green square)

I offer no compensation or guarantee for you voiding your warranty while trying to take it off, by getting me to mod your console you accept that your warranty(If still valid and not removed) WILL BE VOIDED!

How To Order:

Leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I’ll send you a payment link with a ship to address and instructions.

XBOX 360 Modding FAQ:

Q: Can my 360 be flashed back to its original unmodded state?
A: YES! When you get your 360 flashed by me, I will give you a CD which contains the DVD drives original Firmware for that very reason! Please keep the CD safe and don’t lose it.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee or replace my 360 if you break it?
A: No I offer no guarantee, but if your 360 gets messed up while flashing, I will replace it free of charge.

Q: Once my xbox 360 is modded, is there any way I can accidentally brick, break or ruin my xbox 360 or the MOD(or hack) will mess up or ruin my xbox 360?
A: NO. The MOD (or hack) is applied to the DVD drive itself, nothing inside the 360(Mainboard, CPU, GPU, etc) is touched. The MOD is a “Firmware” hack and its physically impossible for it to ruin/brick/mess up your Xbox 360.

Q: Can I play on Xbox LIVE without getting banned?
A: YES! The latest hacked firmware (iXtreme 1.51) offers excellent protection from getting banned from Xbox LIVE. There is always a risk of getting banned, but the chances are very low. You can safely play Wave 3 games now without worry of being banned! There is always a risk of getting banned, but the chances are very low. You can only be banned from playing an improperly burned game or someone who is inexperienced and flashed your xbox wrong.

Q: Do you offer compensation if I get banned from Xbox LIVE?
A: NO. I offer no guarantee/compensation of ANY kind if you get banned from XB LIVE.

Q: Is this LEGAL?
A: YES. Having backups of games is LEGAL if you own the original copy. See legal Disclaimer below…

Legal Disclaimer-

Copying or downloading games that you have not legally purchased or own is illegal in all countries. This violates not only laws in your own country, but international copyright laws as well. The purpose of the firmware hack is for making backup copies of games that you legally own. Software piracy is illegal carries a huge penalty if convicted, is ethically wrong, and hurts the game companies. Support the game developers by purchasing the games you play. You wouldn’t work for free would you? I am offering a SERVICE to those who cannot make backups of the games they legally own. I am not charging money for the game, but for materials, wear and tear on our dvd burners and for making the backup. Chris Fletcher is not affiliated with ANY of the companies, Microsoft, Xbox 360 or any others.

On June 1st Microsoft unveiled their rumored motion controller solution to the masses. But unlike the the Nintendo Wii which uses a motion controller, Microsoft’s solution uses full body motion as detected by an intelligent motion and audio sensor camera, which offers Voice Activated control as much as body movement.

I’ve had my fair share of experience with Photoshop and although it is one of the most powerful image editing tools available, it does have a few short comings. Luckily we have plugins that can be added to Photoshop to make life easy. I know from experience that it can take countless amounts of hours searching the internet for quality plugins. I thought since I’ve already discovered some of the most essential plugins that I’d share them with you, well the Best 10 of them…

Plugin Number 1: Web 2.0 Styles

Web 2.0 Styles

Web 2.0 Styles

Have you ever wondered if there was an easy way to achieve all those pretty web 2.0 colors without having to mess with blending options ? Well this plugin adds 131 Web 2.0 Styles to your list of Styles that you can apply to any Layer in Photoshop.

Download it here - Web 2.0 Styles

Plugin Number 2: Web 2.0 Logo Styles

Web 2.0 Logo Styles

Web 2.0 Logo Styles

Ever wonder how these guys draw their Web 2.0 Logos? Sometimes its nice to learn from others, build up the basic skills and start your own creativity from there. This plugin has styles that are used for some of the most well known Web 2.0 Logos

Download it here – Web 2.0 Logo Styles

Plugin Number 3: Web 2.0 Logo Fonts

Web 2.0 Logo Fonts

Web 2.0 Logo Fonts

Well, not really a Photoshop Plugin, but nevertheless a definite must have for anyone looking to spice up their website with a Web 2.0 Look, These Fonts together with the above styles will produce nice professional Web 2.0 Looking Logos

Download it here – Web 2.0 Logo Fonts

Plugin Number 4: Din Stripe Pattern

Din Stripes Pattern

Din Stripes Pattern

A must have plugin to use those fancy Web 2.0 Stripe patterns that everyone seems to have on their website today. You can use this pattern with overlay’s to get different color stripes.

Download it here – Din Stripe Pattern

Plugin Number 5: Skin Smoothing Action

Skin Smoothing Action

Skin Smoothing Action

If you’ve ever needed a way to make your photos look more professional, then this is the plugin to use. This is by far the best skin action for Photoshop that I’ve found. If you know of a better one, leave me a comment and I’ll gladly add it here.

Download it here – Skin Smoothing Action

Plugin Number 6: DVD Symbols Photoshop Brushes

DVD Symbols Brushes

DVD Symbols Brushes

If you’re ever designing cover art for a DVD or a movie or are working on a home video and you want it to look professional then these DVD Symbol Photoshop Brushes are the ideal tools for the job. There are many other brush sets out there that include DVD symbols but this is by far the most complete and accurate set that I’ve been able to find.

Download it here – DVD Symbols Photoshop Brushes

So I know I said 10 Best Plugins but there are so many great plugins, its really difficult to break them into the 10 best. So I thought I’d share some resources, sites I visit quite frequently. Here are a few websites you should definitely bookmark.

  • http://www.deviantart.com – A great resource for Wallpaper, Flash Source Files, Photoshop Source Files, Photoshop Actions, Photoshop Brushes, Photoshop Custom Shapes, Photoshop Patterns, etc…
  • http://www.dafont.com – Now there’s a site I use pretty regularly. It has just about every font you can think of and best of all, the fonts on the website are free.
  • http://www.chris-fletcher.com – A great resource with lots of tutorials. ha ha :)

Hopefully you’ve found this list useful. If you’d like to add to this list, leave me a comment and if I think its useful, I’ll ad it to the list.

In this Photoshop text effects tutorial, we’re going to create a simple text reflection effect. This effect has been used everywhere in advertising, and as we’ll see, it’s very easy to do. When we’re done you’ll end up with something like this.

Photoshop Reflections Finished Product

Photoshop Reflections Finished Product

Step 1: Create A New Photoshop Document

Create a new blank Photoshop document by going up to the File menu at the top of screen and choosing New. Enter the dimensions you need for your document. For this tutorial, I’m going to enter 600 pixels for my document’s Width, and 200 pixels for the Height, and a Resolution of 96 pixels/inch. Click OK when you’re done to exit out of the dialog box. Your new blank document will appear on your screen:

Photoshop New Document - Dimensions

Photoshop New Document - Dimensions


Step 2: Set The Background Color

You can make the background color anything you like. I chose to make mine black, why ? because reflections look good with a black background. Alright, lets do it… In the Layers Panel, Double Click on the Background Layer. You’ll get a pop-up, Click on OK

Photoshop Layers Panel

Photoshop Layers Panel

Photoshop New Layer Confirm

Photoshop New Layer Confirm

Here’s what we just did, we created an editable Layer from the background layer. Now we need to change the background color from white to black.To do this select the Paint Bucket Tooland make sure that your foreground color is set to black and then click inside of the white rectangle, your background color should now be black.


Step 3: The Main Text 

Photoshop - Character Window

Photoshop - Character Window


Now that we have our background color set, we can move on to type some text that we want to use for our reflection. I chose to type chris-fletcher.com I used the font Myriad Pro with a point size of 36 and a blue shaded color with a Regular Style.

To do this, select the Text Tool and Open the Character Window, set your font type, style, size, etc… You can copy my settings if you like.



Once you have your text setup the way you like you can click anywhere inside the black rectangle. A new layer will automatically be created and a typing cursor will be placed around the area where you clicked. You can now being to type.





If you’ve done everything according to the tutorial so far you should have something that resembles the image to the right. The next step will cover duplicating the Text Layer that we just created as well as flipping it and correctly positioning it.



Step 4: Duplicating, Rotating, and Positioning

The first thing we need to do is duplicate the text layer we just created. For that we need to right click ( Control Click for a Mac ) on the Text Layer and then click on Duplicate Layer. You’ll get a pop-up, click on OK. The new duplicated Layer should be highlighted by default, if it isn’t then you need to select it.

Photoshop Right Click On Layer

Photoshop Right Click On Layer

Photoshop Duplicate Layer Confirm

Photoshop Duplicate Layer Confirm













Now we need to modify this layer and by modify I mean we need to Flip it Vertically. To do this make sure the layer is selected then click on Edit -> Transform -> Flip Vertical

Photoshop - Edit - Transform

Photoshop - Edit - Transform

Photoshop Flip Vertical

Photoshop Flip Vertical













You should now have something similar to the image below.

Photoshop Duplicated Layer Flipped Vertical

Photoshop Duplicated Layer Flipped Vertical


What we need to do now is move the duplicated layer down below the original layer. The move tool should be selected by default. If it isn’t then you need to select it. Make sure that the duplicated layer is still highlighted then start pressing the down arrow until you have something similar to the below.

Photoshop Duplicated Layer Positioned

Photoshop Duplicated Layer Positioned

Yay, we are done with Step 4 of the Tutorial, In Step 5 we will cover the importance of masking and how we can use it to create the reflection effect.


Step 5: Masking To Create The Reflection

The first thing we need to do is make sure that our Duplicated Layer is still highlighted / selected. After you’ve verified that the correct Layer is selected you can click on the Mask icon. Which looks like thisPhotoshop Mask Icon

You then need to select the Gradient Tool from the toolbar.

Photoshop Gradient Tool

Photoshop Gradient Tool

After you’ve selected the Gradient Tool, move your mouse cursor to the middle right in between the 2 layers. Click and draw a line down, almost all the way to the end of the text. Sort of like this.

Photoshop Draw Gradient Line

Photoshop Draw Gradient Line

That should do it, you should now have a reflection similar to the one below. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and that it was helpful. If you have any questions or there is something you didn’t understand, feel free to leave a comment. I also accept requests for tutorials if there is something you’d like to know how to do, just ask. :)

Photoshop Reflection Final Product

Photoshop Reflection Final Product


You can download the PSD file here. Photoshop Reflections Tutorial